Where women create

The worst enemy to creativity is self -doubt
Sylvia Plath
A magazine I look forward to each month is "Where women create". 
I enjoy reading the articles how women forge ahead
making magnificent things and also a living from it.
How they became entrepreneurial and what motivates them to stay in business.
I also read it just simply because I love the looking at the pictures. 
 I think most of my inspiration comes from nature and being around my kids who are non judgmental ( for the most part)
I feel safe creating and making. 
It's all about having fun!
Inspiration and creativity happens naturally
when I just sit and let thoughts roll around my head drinking a cup of coffee.
Sunrise- enjoying all the beautiful colors mother nature has to offer. 
Every day is a gift in itself and I am eager to get up the morning
seeing what it has to unfold.
Listening to music, watching a movie, reading,
walking in nature, finding a new pastry shop, riding, running, yoga, skiing and travel
conversations with my mother ( hei mamma )
all are ingredients for a recipe for being creative for me

Having breakfast and once again enjoying reading about others- who have walked the line.....
the push and pull

Sitting on my porch with friends talking and laughing...
listening to my kids, their  energy and ideas that they share
Sunday walks with my husband...we are non stop
always thinking of something to make or improve.
It usually comes from being grateful I think for me- that feeling of plenty, having enough 
 and wanting to share.
It melts the self doubt and self critic that lurks.
But creativity is also a way of expression
 weather it's cooking a good meal,
 painting a chair or putting together a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers.
It's celebrating life...and feeling good
celebrating what I have in life and celebrating what I can make from what I have.

How do you find creativity- what makes you create?


  1. I will have to look for that magazine, I think it's something I would enjoy too.
    Creativity comes from deep inside me, from nature and from other like minded souls, I can't
    imagine my life without it.
    PS- the shawl is coming along. I am almost done with the body and then just need to knit the 12 lace border rows and 4 edge rows. My goal is to be finished by tomorrow night barring any unforeseen interruptions, fingers crossed.

  2. Wow. Those socks (?) in the first image are stunning... is it a personal pattern? I really love how they're coming along! Creativity is such a fickle creature... I find that every time I feel as if I have some inspiration, which usually comes from the everyday and nature, it is very fleeting. I enjoy the rare moments of creativity as I have them.

  3. Okay your magazine sounds amazing, definitely going to see if I can get it here. Thanks for sharing.

    Creativity comes from all around me. Like you, when hubby and I get a moment together the chatter starts. We talk about what we want to change, improve upon in our home, he shares ideas he has, and I share ideas I have. I am inspired by nature, the seasons, the need for some things, and sometimes just a desire to make something with my hands....food, clothes, salves or balms, even growing our own food. I think in some ways I am just inspired by being alive, knowing that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Life is full of possibility, and I like to think I seize it when I can.

  4. I think nature is what influences me the most and looking at my accumulated yarns. Sometimes I'll see some color combinations on my walk and want to recreate it in my knitting. I have seen that mag but never thought to flip through it!! crazy huh?

  5. I have never heard or seen that magazine - thanks so much for sharing. I LOVE your mittens! Your point about coming from a point of gratitude, of abundance and a willingness to share being what melts self-doubt is one I will be taking with me today - good thoughts to sit with :) xo

  6. Beautiful photos. That sunrise is amazing. That's enough to inspire anyone to create something beautiful. And I love that yarn you are working with - gorgeous, as usual. :)

  7. Being grateful for all that we have and share is an amazing thing. This post is so uplifting and has inspired my day. Thank you, Camilla!

  8. I, too, love that magazine, although I'm usually sad that there aren't more fiber artists featured. We do have our own unique challenges for creative space!!! A lot of times I'm inspired by the fiber I'm working with.....and yours is always a treat!!!

  9. Dear Camilla, I just got your yarn and I was so surprised when I saw the extra gift! I was really touched, and let’s just say you’ve put a big smile on my face on a day I really needed one. Thank you so much!

    Here's the shawl I knitted last year with your pretty yarn. and I can’t wait to knit with the new ones!

    Your yarns are always good inspiration, so is your blog!
    I hope your knee is feeling better! When I've had issues with my legs, that's usually when I decide I want to start running, or climbing! There's just something about your body holding you back that activates this sense of urgency.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures and your creations, it's always a real treat!

    1. Yay- so glad you got the yarn and that you are happy- you did me a HUGE favor letting me know that PayPay was not set up.

      Holy Smokes!!!! That has to be the most beautiful and intricate shawl I have EVER seen. My goodness you are so talented- beautiful work you do.
      Thank you so much for sharing:)

  10. What a happy picture of you! You look young and radiant!
    Beautiful autumn colors in Montana.
    I also love to browse through creative magazines.

  11. I just love your spirit, Camilla! You are a treasure. So glad I found this beautiful space you have carved out online. You inspire me, my mothering, my creativity, my being. Truly. xx

  12. Everything you do is just beautiful!


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