Faux Fair isle

Sorry I can't take myself serious
 Yep you guessed it- happy I finished my hat

A solid skein of brown and one of my hand dyed self striping skeins
to create the fair isle pattern.
I thought this would be a neat experiment instead of using several skeins
to create the colorful pattern
 Kelly informed me that is called "fake fair isle" .
 SHOP will OPEN Friday 10/3!!!!
Joining Ginny today



It's been a busy weekend- a good one but busy. I started a hat, fair isle and instead of using different colors for the yarn I am using a solid for the base and one of my hand dyed skeins to see what the result might be- happy so far and it beats using 4- 5 different skeins.
Looking online for new curtains...I found quite a few that I like at World Market - I love that store.
Was thrilled to find a few more roses in my flower garden- nice surprise, thought the frost had taken them all.
Enjoying the last week of September with a bit of unexpected sunshine...went for a long morning walk with hubby and Lily this am. Had breakfast- cereal and tea .Yes, I do eat other things than cereal...like brownies.
Enjoying a book called Brooklyn Makers - very inspired reading about crafty entrepreneurs.
Lily has been by my side a lot this week- much tedious puter work- listing all my yarns on ETSY- it's a JOB- so far over 52 skeins...and more on it's way. I am close to finishing and hope to open Mountain Girl Yarn shop this coming week...
And that my friends makes me so happy!...just like Mr. Buddha.

Have a lovely Sunday!



~ Autumn ~

Dawn takes her sweet time to arrive, these chilly mornings
we wake up to dark night skies
The view from my kitchen window
  "Huckleberry mountain"
as it rises from Glacier Park
Getting used to the new routine...eating breakfast with the light on
 The last of the Echinacea still barely hanging on
Bella enjoying grazing in the front pasture
  More demand for the Base Camp Beanie at the café
now that the days are colder- I am crocheting my fingers off.
summer is departing
saturated colors appear overnight
 like a whisper
  Fiona Bunny trimmed down from being a Fatty McButter Pants
 this winter horking down on round bales -she can now eat out in the pasture
  Clouds wispy and swirly
 Mountains are being painted a beautiful amber color from the golden Tamaracks
 this summer delicious and a full of wonder
 came and went just a little too fast...
 there is a sweetness in the air
 anticipating the arrival of father winter
 Lilly is smiling as she works
 watching the horses
 a blaze with color
 Bread is being baked
warm and fresh
 though it stings a little to say goodbye to this beautiful season
 I am grateful for every bit and all I have enjoyed
 with my family and my dear friends...it's been a lovely one this year

(sorry, couldn't resist)

[T]hat old September feeling... of summer passing, vacation nearly done,
obligations gathering, books and football in the air....
Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee
in that annual autumnal beginning,
as if last year’s mistakes and failures had been wiped clean by summer.
 ~Wallace Stegner



 These lovelies are done
knit with
  a joy to knit
 might be my favorite sock pattern so far, light and lacey
 easy to knit and they fit very comfortably
 I am nesting
maybe the change of season?
Turning my outdoor projects to the indoors.
 Getting inspired by this lovely book
Myquillyn Smith
What are you knitting and reading?
Joining Ginny today.


Be kind...unwind

There seems to have been a whirlwind
 of activity and busy-ness in my neck of the woods lately
Getting the kids ready for school, buying books, supplies and fall clothes
 getting them to and from school
 I feel like setting the reset button again
Not to mention soccer season
 my oldest is a varsity H.S coach on the week days + he plays games each weekend
 my 2 younger both on different teams at two different times in two different places in the valley
 we feel pulled in different directions
I honestly sometimes long for the stillness of winter
But as a family we always make time for the outdoors
 we escape to the forest or to the lake to unwind
No mountains of laundry
 mountains to climb
no dishes
 just beautiful lakes to wash away your worries
 I have stood by this lake many times and laughed so hard my sides hurt
cried my eyes out in grief of loosing my father
 watch my children swim
 watch my mother swim...in October
celebrated many birthdays
 fish and catch snakes
eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner
skipped rocks
We do not have a cabin nor do we have family in the US to visit
...but we have this beautiful place of refuge to recharge
 even our children have such an appreciation for nature and the outdoors
 it's a good thing I have been so steadfast of nixing the coveted x box and video games 
 forging ahead leading them outdoors all year round...no excuses...their mama is Norwegian
  we play out side rain or shine.
 they somehow have grown to accept it and expect it
This natural wonder offers space to ponder, laugh, share stories and secrets even cry...
but mostly feel...
feel part of something so big and so special as this majestic spot on this beautiful earth.
A place to appreciate what our forefathers preserved for us to enjoy for generations...

 a place to be kind ....and unwind.
Do have a special spot where you can breathe and unwind?



~ Little dragons and icecream ~

Woke up to a lovely pink & peachy sky
 another sunny and warm Indian summer has been bestowed on us here in Montucky
 enjoying every minute of it.
 I seem to scurry a little more to get things done
 little reminders everywhere
 that Autumn is just around the corner.
Hay barn is finally finished
 glad for that and just in time...
my girls will have nice dry hay this frosty season.
 Washed mountains of laundry and hung it all out to dry in the warm sun
 Planted some more trees before the cold snap
( you make root beer from the bark)
 the leaves look like mittens-
Working on my new shop,
business cards and yarn wrappers are in.
  Yarn is dyed and labeled
Now I am photographing the skeins will soon upload all
it's a process, but it is a fun process.

Sometimes in the evening when my three boys are away playing soccer...
I treat myself
not making dinner
cereal with almond milk
 it's easy and I love it
1 dish, 1 spoon clean up
 sitting out on the front porch, the dogs laying by my feet
enjoying the quiet after a long day
with my bowl of cereal
 So this quiet evening
I am knitting a lovely pattern Little Dragon socks-
so pretty and the neat thing is that the back is 2 k 2p
 unusual, which I think makes it so unique
 there are several variations of this pattern
 and I finally also had some time to look ( drool) at my new book
Ample Hills Creamery
anyone who knows me,
is aware that ice cream is one of my food groups-
usually I have 3- 5 different flavors on the ready in my freezer.
...and now, I started making ice-cream 
with Ginger tea and lemon cookies
and the quote on the tea tag...
it said...where there is love, there is no question.
grateful for one of those productive, busy days
 with a little bit of calm and a little bit of sweet
 feeling peaceful, feeling plentiful