Be kind...unwind

There seems to have been a whirlwind
 of activity and busy-ness in my neck of the woods lately
Getting the kids ready for school, buying books, supplies and fall clothes
 getting them to and from school
 I feel like setting the reset button again
Not to mention soccer season
 my oldest is a varsity H.S coach on the week days + he plays games each weekend
 my 2 younger both on different teams at two different times in two different places in the valley
 we feel pulled in different directions
I honestly sometimes long for the stillness of winter
But as a family we always make time for the outdoors
 we escape to the forest or to the lake to unwind
No mountains of laundry
 mountains to climb
no dishes
 just beautiful lakes to wash away your worries
 I have stood by this lake many times and laughed so hard my sides hurt
cried my eyes out in grief of loosing my father
 watch my children swim
 watch my mother swim...in October
celebrated many birthdays
 fish and catch snakes
eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner
skipped rocks
We do not have a cabin nor do we have family in the US to visit
...but we have this beautiful place of refuge to recharge
 even our children have such an appreciation for nature and the outdoors
 it's a good thing I have been so steadfast of nixing the coveted x box and video games 
 forging ahead leading them outdoors all year round...no excuses...their mama is Norwegian
  we play out side rain or shine.
 they somehow have grown to accept it and expect it
This natural wonder offers space to ponder, laugh, share stories and secrets even cry...
but mostly feel...
feel part of something so big and so special as this majestic spot on this beautiful earth.
A place to appreciate what our forefathers preserved for us to enjoy for generations...

 a place to be kind ....and unwind.
Do have a special spot where you can breathe and unwind?



  1. I don't. But I need to find one. Soon. Between you and Sarah and the way you both share your lives, I am SO tempted to move to Montana! My 16 year old son went on a road trip with a friend over the summer, they drove through Montana and now he says he wants to move there. So...who knows? Maybe someday...

  2. While I don't have an exact spot, nature is my go to to unwind, to think, to just be. Find me some trees, a little water, and the serenading sounds of nature and I am one happy lady.

    Your spot is beautiful.

  3. Just beautiful. My oasis in this busy town is the local park- I can dream that I'm somewhere else for an hour :)

  4. the beach....always the beach. unfortunately it's far from home----fortunately we get there (with the whole big family) ever other year....i'm dreaming of the next visit already.

  5. Beautiful lighting and shadows in these black and whites, Camilla. Although I live in a big city, I'm finding more and more lovely natural spots to spend a little time in.

  6. Everyone needs such a place Camilla and your place is especially beautiful.
    I guess I don't need to tell you that mine is the beach, sorry Steph, I am surrounded by water on all four sides and
    couldn't imagine not having it in my life.
    I do hope Camilla that your week is a gentle one.

  7. I don't but anything near the water would be great - swimming, even in the swimming pool unfortunately, helps me to totally tune off!

  8. oh I agree with you! nature surrounding us is so much better than indoor gaming systems. Love how you photographed your special place and just think your children and your children's children will love this special spot :)

  9. My refuge is the same as yours. And I was there this weekend! Something about that place that makes you live in the now. No fretting over the mistakes you made yesterday or the mile long to do list waiting for you at home. Be present. Live in this moment. The mountains mixed with the water hold special powers for me . Even during the busiest summer months with the throngs of tourists, I can find peace in this water and park.

    I enjoy your photos and your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  10. An incredibly beautiful and moving post, Camilla, all the words, thoughts, feelings and photos - I love them all. Your children are so very lucky to have you guide them to those sacred outdoor places where the reset button can be pushed and room for peace and kindness can be felt. I do hope I will get to visit your part of the world someday, so majestic and grand but until then I am so glad you are here to share it with us! Wishing you a kind and gentle week ahead :) xo

  11. such a beautiful spot you have for unwinding with your family. thank you for sharing it :)

  12. What a beautiful post, Camilla. It kind of unwinded me while reading it, lovely photography!

  13. Your words are pure pleasure. "...long for the stillness of winter"--I quite agree as soccer season is in full swing here, too, for my two eldest children. I was on a birding trip just the other day with a group & had to leave early to catch a game. When questioned I too quickly snapped--"soccer ruins your life for six months out of the year" (they play fall & spring season). I was embarrassed at my snap, but I suppose it's how I feel on some level about all the coming & going we feel we must do with our children. Thank you for your photographs--they are stunning. We have a place like this--my parents' cabin on a lake in northern WI. They've owned it 20 years this year. Like you, the many different emotions I've evoked next to that lake run the gamut of 20 years of living. Amazing spaces. So glad you & your family have a place like this to unwind. Just beautiful words.


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