Big Mountain

It's pretty surreal to think that moving here had a lot to do with the Tommy Moe
 Watching him the 94 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer Norway.
I just knew
 and well
here I am.
You can never be too early to get your ski season pass.
We did so the other weekend- and it still warm in the air with beautiful sunshine
 took the kids to the top of Big Mountain
Getting giddy for the snow to fly
...nothing get's you in the spirit with runs like
This is the back side of the mountain where they are working on more runs and new lifts.
In summer folks can enjoy the trails for either hiking or biking
- you can load you bike on the lift and ride down.

Front side.
 Views for days over Flathead valley
 I live right underneath the mountain on the left
Stacked and ready
waiting for the season
Bike trails
 an amazing view over Whitefish Lake
and the valley below.
And back down at the base
Counting down the days....


  1. Just stunning! I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds your home. Amazing!

  2. Tell us the story of you moving here :-).

  3. breath takingly beautiful----white knuckle scary. (I'm not a skier!!!!!)

  4. Forget the skis... Wait for me... I'm grabbing my bike!

  5. Beautiful country!

  6. I've never been on snow skis, but I can water ski like there's no tomorrow; I wonder if it's the same skill?
    Very pretty!

  7. I have never been skiing! Looks lovely without the snow but I know it's spectacular with the snow!! Thanks for the tour.


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