I feel the need...the need for SPEED

Once in a while some really crazy amazing wonderful things happen here in Montucky
this is the one that I look forward too.
The mountain air show.
One of the pilots is a local and from Kalispell.
My last year of high school I lived in Coronado Ca.
 Top Gun was being filmed on the Navy base on the island-
we were sometimes lucky to catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise
I later went to interior design school right next to MiraMar Air Force Base
where the F-16 were doing maneuvers.
 The Thunder Birds are here in the valley performing during labor day -
 lucky me I live in their air space.
Flying right by the mountains that surround us
 flying OVER my house
I get goose bumps my heart races when I see and hear the aircrafts.
There is something so powerful .
I have stood in my horse pasture applauding and cheering them on for days each time the fly over
I'm hoping dad is watching them from heaven- a different perspective than mine.
 He loved airplanes and spent most of his life up in the air flying.
The kids get dislike the loud thunder as they brake the sound barrier
Chef is a retired Reconnaissance Marine
 gets a little emotional ...

 ...but I get a little wild and crazy with all the noise and speed it is just so cool! 
 I think it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful

~ Up there with the best of the best.



  1. can you imagine what flying like that would be in life?? Scary! looks like a beautiful day to view the display and as always you capture the beauty with your camera.

  2. Amazing! We have an air show here this weekend too, with the Snowbirds :) Great captures.

  3. Such a fantastic show! I use to live on Miramar [I'm a military brat] and now live in a county that has Parris Island Marine Corp base and the Air Station. We have jets flying all the time [in front of the base there is a sign that reads, "The noise you hear is the sound of freedom", so true and watching those big jets up in the air never gets tiring.

  4. Wow those photos are insane! My hubby is so jealous Top Gun is his fav movie!

  5. so thrilling, i can feel your joy. and such wonderful photos, beautiful camilla. i'm sure your dad was watching with you.


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