~ Autumn ~

Dawn takes her sweet time to arrive, these chilly mornings
we wake up to dark night skies
The view from my kitchen window
  "Huckleberry mountain"
as it rises from Glacier Park
Getting used to the new routine...eating breakfast with the light on
 The last of the Echinacea still barely hanging on
Bella enjoying grazing in the front pasture
  More demand for the Base Camp Beanie at the café
now that the days are colder- I am crocheting my fingers off.
summer is departing
saturated colors appear overnight
 like a whisper
  Fiona Bunny trimmed down from being a Fatty McButter Pants
 this winter horking down on round bales -she can now eat out in the pasture
  Clouds wispy and swirly
 Mountains are being painted a beautiful amber color from the golden Tamaracks
 this summer delicious and a full of wonder
 came and went just a little too fast...
 there is a sweetness in the air
 anticipating the arrival of father winter
 Lilly is smiling as she works
 watching the horses
 a blaze with color
 Bread is being baked
warm and fresh
 though it stings a little to say goodbye to this beautiful season
 I am grateful for every bit and all I have enjoyed
 with my family and my dear friends...it's been a lovely one this year

(sorry, couldn't resist)

[T]hat old September feeling... of summer passing, vacation nearly done,
obligations gathering, books and football in the air....
Another fall, another turned page: there was something of jubilee
in that annual autumnal beginning,
as if last year’s mistakes and failures had been wiped clean by summer.
 ~Wallace Stegner


  1. Your posts fill me with calm delight. As a creature of the woods, sometimes I long for a view. I'd do dishes forever if I had your view.. Maples are starting to turn here. Mornings are cool.. Hoping to dye one more batch from the marigolds. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. They mean the world to me coming from you.. Can't wait for Mountain girl to open. Base Camp beanies..THE.BEST! Love to you..

  2. While I miss the unscheduled days and hours just sitting on the beach watching the waves I am overjoyed to say goodbye to the heat and humidity that settles over the south each summer.
    Autumn? Bring it on!
    PS- Love the last photo!

  3. Beautiful post, and photos. The Base Camp Beanies are awesome, love them. And the last pic, thanks for the smile :) Have a wonderful day.

  4. I love the shift of seasons and you captured it perfectly. Loved seeing your horses, and yes, we've been turning lights on early in the morning as well and now at night they come on minutes earlier as well.

  5. I love the changing of the seasons - it certainly looks beautiful in your part of the world x

  6. You are woman of incredible talent, Camilla! These photos are simply breathtaking, I love all the colours captured here and your lovely sense of humour, too. I can almost smell that bread coming out of the oven - and those base camp beanies are awesome! Wishing you a weekend of all the things you love best. xo

  7. Oh my, Huckleberry Mountain is beautiful! I really like your Base Camp Beanies and would love to crochet one for my grandson. Will you share the name of your pattern? I would like to crochet him one for his November birthday. Blessings from Kansas!

    1. Hi Gail, Here is the pattern that I have modified a little :

    2. Thank you very much! I will have a happy skateboarding grandson!!!!

  8. love the horse bootie. : )
    And I love your kitchen. It looks somewhat like ours but your counters are so much radder.
    You have a gift with the camera.
    I am SO glad I found you every time I come visit.

  9. Such a beautiful post!! Goodbye beautiful summer hello stunning autumn xxx

  10. THE END is perfect! Awesome!

    Wonderful, wonderful prose. I visited Glacier as a child (long ago) & have ached to get back ever since. I truly think about it all the time. The first photograph is just divine.

  11. Every photo is so stunning, Camilla! Beautiful summer and beautiful fall you have.


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