...at the end of the day

at the end of the day
 I often wonder;
 did I live it well?
 have I done what I could to make this the best day
 did I waste it?
Sadly enough many times I feel that the minutes that were given
were wasted
 worry, anger, insecurity
stupid things that don't matter.

At the end of the day...
that "someone" might not be there any longer
did I
 pay attention
 ...was I forgiven?

 Did I make someone smile
 or did someone smile at me
 ...wipe someone's tears
 or, smile thru my own tears?

if I listened
 or someone listened to me?

Yes Bella, we listen to you humming
Fiona doesn't seem to be enjoying it greatly...

Was I kind
was my heart open?

Did I give someone a hug
receive a hug

Bella...goof ball !
Did I laugh?
God, I need to laugh more.

Did I tell someone I loved them?
...do I feel loved?

 did I say the right thing,
what is the right thing?
or hurt someone's feelings
 Starting to realize how fragile life is
 but that IS life

At the end of the day
all I know is
how to be me
 and clearly an idiot at times
good, bad or indifferent
you only get one
...one shot

 mine's not perfect
 but it's pretty darn close

I can say that
at the end of day
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


2 weeks of Gabriel

It's been 2 weeks
...all I can say it's truly amazing what a little attention can do for a kid
Fog horn is giving homeschool 2 thumbs up
 though he still gets mad at spelling and writing
 he shows up.
I have realized spending this time with him that he is not a good speller and has a hard time reading
so guess what we do?
 We read.
and the we read some more

In history of the world we studied Genghis Kahn and voila...Chinese lanterns

Paul Klee German- Swiss artist was the artist of the week
..hence the art work
 a favorite inspiration

too much studying...Mimi having a snooze fest.

 a few books that Fog horn loves
"Busy times" is a plain and simple Amish book-
which he reads like nobodies business
Foghorn is also a " knight in training" and therefor adores Roland
 soon we are on to Sam Samurai

Chef surprised me one day 
my favorite all time American game
Old Maid
I had the same card set as a kid.
Now Foghorn and I are playing it together.

Mimi is on the look out for any incoming helicopters or space ships- there has been a lot of that kind of noise in the house these past week and Mimi is usually the target.

...and of course Martha has to do it again-
brought this home from the library
 looks really good

( from pinterest)

Foghorn has had to " think " he way thru a lot of problems
question things
 and find his own answers
 use the dictionary to find the spelling
 and reads a lot
He gets to talk a lot- (how he processes)
 we have spent hours on photosynthesis
and realized today having lunch at the café he was pouring sap on his waffles-
( maple syrup)
 a by product of the whole photosynthesis he was learning...pretty neat.
His 3 favorites so far...
 and reading
...funny, I can relate.
My heart feels full.


Happiness under the Big Sky

...in anticipation of brighter days to come

ready to be dazzled by the beauty of Big Sky country
 it's been a long winter
let me just tell you
I am beyond giddy that summer is on it's way
bring it!
been dancing barefoot in the kitchen with Foghorn
 to this....
feels so good to be happy again



...and so the story goes


Fog horn is having issues at school.
Talks too much
can't sit still
rushes thru his work
 - says his teach
As a toddler he didn't say much
as a matter of fact he didn't really speak at all
I was worried- we all were worried
then one day at around 2 years
the flood gates opened
all this time he had been quiet
words came out in full sentences
we are talking volumes here
and hasn't stopped since
Fog horn processes thru talking
there are questions to be answered
lots of them
school doesn't have time for that
school is about listening
listening to the teacher
be quiet
Fog horn likes to play
to run
to jump
boys get in trouble for that sometimes
too rambunctious
sit still
Fog horn likes to finish his task
 so that he can quickly move on to the next
eager to see what is around the corner
size the day type of guy
slow down

well as you can see
he also konks out at the end of the day
 my little rooster gets up at 5 am and falls asleep at 7 pm
 ( this was on our trip to Norway)

Fog horn is on to new adventures

We decided to pull him from school and home school
It has been 2 years since my daughter flew the coop to school
I have had a hole in my heart
when the whole herd left
 different- homeschooling one
 instead of three.

I am up for the challenge and the new adventures it will bring
my heart is filled with joy that I get to spend time with Foghorn

 It has become clear to me that we are so different and have different talents and needs
 my 4 kids are a perfect example
I have been reading "look me in the eye"
it is so insight full how this kid gets thru life
what we think is normal is not normal to some
- and by the way it's one of the funniest books I have ever read
Of course this spurred me on with my homeschooling -
we don't all learn the same way 
Though Gabriel does not have Asperger's
 he is a high energy kid.
  A huge advantage for him
that I can tailor his education to his needs

 Fog horn is full of life
well, he is full of it
  teachers don't have time for this
with all the pressure and the class size
 and I understand that
 but I also believe that one size does not fit all

 We'll take this year by year
Life has an organic way of changing
maybe Fog horn will be back in school next year
 maybe a little extra attention will "cure" his wiggly self

In the meantime Monday we start the week
with Gabriels first riding lesson
I think that is a pretty neat way of starting homeschool
 on horse back

I used Oak meadow for my kids and the library
oh man, did we use the library!
This time around I am doing something entirely different
 with Fog horn
the library will remain the same

For any one who is on the fence about homeschooling
 I hope this little post will give you courage to jump in
( the water is fine)
Children are little for such a little while
my mission is to make his childhood the best I can
 with both learning and playing
...and of course

“Boys are found everywhere on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from,

running around or jumping to.

 Mothers love them,

 little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them,

adults ignore them

and Heaven protects them.”

Alan Beck

...and so the story goes.