2 weeks of Gabriel

It's been 2 weeks
...all I can say it's truly amazing what a little attention can do for a kid
Fog horn is giving homeschool 2 thumbs up
 though he still gets mad at spelling and writing
 he shows up.
I have realized spending this time with him that he is not a good speller and has a hard time reading
so guess what we do?
 We read.
and the we read some more

In history of the world we studied Genghis Kahn and voila...Chinese lanterns

Paul Klee German- Swiss artist was the artist of the week
..hence the art work
 a favorite inspiration

too much studying...Mimi having a snooze fest.

 a few books that Fog horn loves
"Busy times" is a plain and simple Amish book-
which he reads like nobodies business
Foghorn is also a " knight in training" and therefor adores Roland
 soon we are on to Sam Samurai

Chef surprised me one day 
my favorite all time American game
Old Maid
I had the same card set as a kid.
Now Foghorn and I are playing it together.

Mimi is on the look out for any incoming helicopters or space ships- there has been a lot of that kind of noise in the house these past week and Mimi is usually the target.

...and of course Martha has to do it again-
brought this home from the library
 looks really good

( from pinterest)

Foghorn has had to " think " he way thru a lot of problems
question things
 and find his own answers
 use the dictionary to find the spelling
 and reads a lot
He gets to talk a lot- (how he processes)
 we have spent hours on photosynthesis
and realized today having lunch at the café he was pouring sap on his waffles-
( maple syrup)
 a by product of the whole photosynthesis he was learning...pretty neat.
His 3 favorites so far...
 and reading
...funny, I can relate.
My heart feels full.


  1. I have been wondering how homeschool was going in your world and it looks like y'all are having a grand time. I think my favorite part of having my guy home is watching him read a book and then sit in the kitchen while I work telling me all about it. We do a lot of reading here too. I can't say I enjoy math, but I'm learning a lot ;)
    Have a grand weekend.

  2. This made me smile. I am so happy to hear and see that it is all working out. I love his list of favourites :) Have the most wonderful weekend.

  3. This makes my heart sing! No doubt G. will conquer all because of the time and love you have invested in him. Such an amazing gift Camilla! Oh... did you say waffles from Chef?? As I am sitting here looking at a photo of the North Fork where Sarah and I jumped in as my computer screen saver, I could grab my bag and hit the road for another plate of those waffles. Holy moly they are t.h.e. best. We'll be back...gimme some time... but we'll be back ~ xo

  4. Ha love the comment above.. that was a great day.. swimming down the North Fork River in my skirt like a nun chasing Leigh :)

    Camilla your dedication always inspires me. The resources you've picked are tailor made to his needs.. he is blessed to have such a fine learning experience. XO I enjoyed this a ton and now looking up Water Fireworks :)

  5. so glad you are settling into a routine and foghorn is blossoming. he just needed that extra attention and love :)

  6. Aw this makes me so happy to read, good job Mama and good job to him too. He sounds awesome x

  7. what an amazing experience for you both! Sounds like you both just needed each other.
    I have to say that I smiled when I saw your Old Maid cards. I used have them as well in my youth. Love them!

  8. Yay! I knew this was the right decision, you sound happy and relaxed and he is enjoying learning, as it should be :)

  9. I had those same old maid cards too! I used to stick the old maid card up a little higher than my other cards trying to entice someone to grab it. It never worked. LOL!


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