Ski Joring

Every year Whitefish hosts a 2 day ski joring event
Ski Joring originates from Scandinavia
 " Joring "- "Kjoring" which means "driving"
Person on horse pulls person on skis
 plenty of competitors there is money to be won
 people come from out of state and Canada for this event.

riders and skiers getting their final run thru of the course

Skis and snow boards to be used
 auctioned off later after the competition

looks like I found Waldo...he.he.

Warm up 
the cowboys ride several horses in the competition
 ponying them to get them all warmed up and save time

Cowboy up!

( look at the little polka dot baby)

Beer bus
we like a our beer in Montucky
Great Northern brewery one of the sponsors-
neat with the bales around the fire pit.

Our snorky neighbors...and no, they were not waving at us.
I'm confused....
is that zebra she's riding ???

and the lovies... Percherons
gentle giants  from France
this guy looks so bored he is falling a sleep


The Great Northern....wizzes by

and they're off!

catching air

this guy hits the dust shortly after

Worried  and waiting.....

 on snow board

Girls rule!

hey Spidey!


...they gone!



  1. Wow, I had no idea. That is so cool! I can imagine it is fun to watch.

  2. I am backing my bags and moving to Montana right now!!!!!!!!!

  3. Looks dangerous! We like our beer in PA as well. Love the photos and you had me chuckling about Waldo, glad you found him easily, ha ha.

  4. I think that is one of the neatest sports ever and I am so thrilled to finally learn about it.
    Now, I can water ski and I can ride a horse, but I've never snow skied before, but I'm ready to learn!

  5. Mi sembra molto pericoloso questo sport, ma grazie per queste tue magnifiche fotografie che mi portano ad invidiare un po' i grandi spazi in cui vivi. Un saluto affettuoso.

  6. Wow - this is awesome! I've never heard of ski joring behind horses - only dogs. Looks like fun.


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