Road trip

Every once in a while a dog enters your life
and changes every thing......

Early morn and we are off to bring uncle Luther to
Pullman University Veterinary hospital,
 Blue skies and the sun is smiling.

Nervous, yes.
  I want to bring Mr. Luther back home.
 A little Robin was singing his heart this early a.m.
a good sign
 I am optimistic.

we'll be rolling thru Idaho and Washington

" Mi Carro" is loaded with kids and Luther Vandross

Wish us luck
 If you see us on the road honk...we wave :)

 My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.
~Author Unknown



The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was
is so we can tell them about our own weekend. 
~Chuck Palahniuk

Walks in the woods

Barefoot thru the grass

Painting the living room

First cherries

       Sweet little faces with cherry stains

 The lake


Early supper by the waters edge.
 My weekend was amazing
 How was yours?


The Great Escape

The familiar sinking feeling of misplacing my compass.
What am I supposed to do?
Where am I going, what motivates me to blaze a trail and forge forward, gone.
A time to find a quiet spot and just
 to exist in that space.
 Loosing my father was WAY more traumatic than I ever thought.
....I lost my way

( you can guess which one  is me)
 I turned 47.
 Still feeling like I am 11.
First birthday without dad.

Spending endless time in the park.
 The quiet is beautiful.
 The winter snow melting making way for blue summer skies and sunshine 
 the promise of warmer days to come so I can immerse myself in the lake once again.

My beautiful garden that my mother is always so lovingly and kindly weeds and gets spring ready.

...and of course the Great Escape to Hawaii this spring
 a beautiful and exotic place that fills me up when I am worn down by the long Montana winter.

Kona Coast is where we stayed- experiencing lava and snow at the same time is wild.
 The world is truly beautiful and nature never stops to blow me away.

 Our favorite beach on the island was Mauna Kea.
Turquoise water with slow swimming sea turtles and crashing waves.
Feeling weightless in the salty sea- floating.
Soft and warm sandy beaches.
 I think I checked out for a while.
..and somewhere on the bottom of the ocean
 my husbands wedding ring.
 Yes, he lost it jumping in the waves.

La Familia

The smiles and laughter on my children's faces- just the pure enjoyment of being a family
spending time together.

 This is Carl.
 A chameleon.
 I love Carl.
 He stole my heart.
 A highlight of the trip.

Homeward bound.
 Back to Montana where my heart is.
 The wild and rugged.
 Snow capped mountains and fresh air.
  good to be home
...all to find out that my  Luther Vandross has lung cancer.
 He has a tumor in his lung the size of 1/3 of his heart and has 4 - 12 mos to live.
 So next week we are packing up the car and driving to Pullman Veterinary hospital in Washington
to try to save his life.
If the surgery goes well, my lovey can have 3-5 good years left.
 I can't bear to loose one more family member.
 Fearful, yes....
 I am here, I am alive and I am strong.
a few rough patches
 with a whole lot of love sprinkled in
 I will find my way
..oh, yeah did I tell you?
 I found my compass...
 it was in right hand pocket all the time.