The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was
is so we can tell them about our own weekend. 
~Chuck Palahniuk

Walks in the woods

Barefoot thru the grass

Painting the living room

First cherries

       Sweet little faces with cherry stains

 The lake


Early supper by the waters edge.
 My weekend was amazing
 How was yours?


  1. Are you going to post photos of your newly painted living room? I so want to paint, but first I must finish cleaning out. I can not believe all the stuff I have accumulated over the years.
    Feeling grass under bare feet is a pleasure I enjoy too.
    Love seeing your smile boy, he's a cutie.

    1. Yes, I will post the "done" room- I have some new furniture coming too so I just have to wait till it arrives.

  2. Those photos of the lake took my breath away...stunning. I must visit your lovely state one day. A great weekend here...solstice celebrations with friends yesterday and today, just chillin :) Have a wonderful week.

  3. I love the second picture! Beautiful... just beautiful.

  4. wow wow my weekend was not as amazing as yours! Stunning x

  5. beautiful! I did miss your presence and am thrilled to see you post :) Love your majestic mountains and fields :)

  6. Mine was beautiful!!! I love seeing where you live. It looks like a nice combo of relaxation and work going on over there.

  7. your weekend sounds wonderful and i'm a wee bit jealous of dinner by the water ;-)

  8. beautiful! truly!!!! So glad you are posting again, friend.
    you have beauty around you and you capture it wonderfully.

  9. Lovely weekend you had!
    Roxy and I have been swimming in a thermal pool. Along with a group of mentally disabled travelers
    In the evening they had baked a big stack of pancakes for us.

  10. I was lucky enough to sit in that secret sacred spot on the lake. I left my heart there.. that is for sure. Soo ready to jump in with Fog Horn : )) Enjoy that magical beach and do some combing for me ~ xoxo

  11. oh what a lovely set of photos! is that a robin in flight in the first? sounds like a beautiful weekend you had!
    (and the cp quote, that's not true for me ;)


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