Happiness under the Big Sky

...in anticipation of brighter days to come

ready to be dazzled by the beauty of Big Sky country
 it's been a long winter
let me just tell you
I am beyond giddy that summer is on it's way
bring it!
been dancing barefoot in the kitchen with Foghorn
 to this....
feels so good to be happy again



  1. I could get lost in your photos Camilla, they are just beautiful.
    I was thinking about you this morning and am so glad you are here today :)
    I am NOT ready for summer, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it. We were 80 degrees today so I better start preparing.

  2. Good god your photos take my breath away! I think spring isnt coming here yet but i cant wait for this wet english winter to be over xxx

  3. Your photos are stunning! We are so ready for summer too, although we first have to get through spring...fingers are crossed it arrives soon.

  4. beautiful water images. the birds were singing this morning and it really made me happy to be outside in the sun in the moment!

  5. beautiful photos. we are going into Spring with not enough Winter first....so it's hard to somehow acccept it fully...though I do love Spring!

  6. Camilla, so nice to see your lovely photos again. I was looking at the 2 floral prints that I won on your blog a few years ago and googled you and found your new blog. Looks like you have been busy since I was last in contact with you!


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