Knitting a ski hat for my oldest...
he wants it simple and under his ski helmet.
Reading A creative life, much inspirations, ideas and encouragement to be found here.
Speaking of be creative...my head's already in my next project.
What are you up too...creatively speaking?
- sorry couldn't resist :)



  1. What a great pattern (must look it up)! I've never heard of that book you're reading (must look that up, too) and your yarn looks absolutely delightful! Happy knitting and reading to you, Camilla - my waistline thanks you for not posting an ice-cream photo today ;) xo

  2. Your knitting is always so pretty Camilla, I adore all the pretty colors.
    I am intrigued about the book you are reading and will have to look it up, I've
    never heard of it, but have a feeling I would love it.
    Happy knitting.

  3. those two color ways are gorgeous! I haven't any hat on light weight yarn yet but I really want to knit some right now!

  4. Beautiful yarns!!! And your book, very intriguing, definitely looking it up. xo

  5. looks like a good read and I'm currently working on cowls for holiday gifts. Plugging along. Your knit is pretty and I love the simple design :)

  6. beautiful colors!!! after going for weeks sort of dragging through projects, I can't seem to cast on fast enough!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  7. That is a good looking ski hat and the yarn is super beautiful!

  8. Is the pattern for the ski hat on Ravelry? I have a male friend who skies and that would be a perfect prezzie!

    1. This is just something I knit up without a pattern, but the metro set would probably work the same

  9. I love the way you put that...my head's already in my next project...mine, too, always! Lovely yarn choice for your eldest! xx

  10. I just added that book to my Amazon wish list for Christmas. All of the yarn you are working with is gorgeous! Those are all my colors :-)

  11. Stunning yarn - you always use such lovely colours. I'm off to check that book out. Have a lovely week x

  12. I'm trying to do an art project with the boys once a week. I'm also thinking of painting my own greeting cards this year. We will see if I have time! X


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