Just breathe

This week has been full ...I am ready to just be. breathe.

 At times I feel like a leaf just blown about by the wind.

Had to navigate thru some rough seas with my oldest. Parenting a teen is no walk in the woods.
Talking with him about transparency and being truthful, it's hard, very hard. I just put my head down and continue to work at it. How I love him so...

Riding my horses hours at a time... teaching one to slow down and one to pick up the pace, I guess there is balance in that. Only a few more weeks before they retire for winter- which is bitter sweet.

Finding myself restless...many ongoing knitting projects and not one finished, it's as if I start a new one and excited if only for a few minutes then I regret it and try to finish the old ones hidden in the basket.

A kindred sprit notified me that my shop was not set up for PayPal payment.
Whaaaat????? @@3ffff6~668))8***7766^^^^+++!!!!!!!!
(So I can only guess that there must be some frustrated customers)
grrrrrr. Fixed now...better late than never.

Not inspired to cook. The seasonal shift between summer and winter is hard for me as a vegetarian, summer is easy, raw veggies and quick salads...well it doesn't do the trick this time of year. I crave something more substantial and robust. Finding  myself eating more bread craving carbs and gravitating towards sweets...not good. This must change.

This summer I have been training cross fit, hard but effective, except I ruined my right knee. So much so I couldn't ride for several weeks and had to be in a brace- it hurt like the Dickens it's so painful - Aleve seemed to be part of my daily diet....after going to the orthopedic this week Doc told me I had bone bruising.
Bone bruising? Heals over time- that is good news, I thought I had to have surgery...not good. No more cross fit for me- I have to figure out something else...before soon the snow will fly and slalom season is full swing.

This weekend, I plan on going for a long walk with my dogs in the woods, bake an apple pie,  go on a date with chef on Saturday( it's been years)....then the rest of the time I will practice breathing...
Maybe some barefoot dancing on the kitchen floor with Foghorn.

Hey it all works if I can remember to inhale-exhale.
...and now to raking up some leaves that are blown about.

How was your week- did you remember to breathe?



  1. I am not looking forward to the teens years. At least I will know some wonderful mamas who have walked that path before me...hoping you will all share your wisdom.

    Sorry about your knee. Injuries are not fun. I had my first running injury last year, and had to take time off. It was the first time in 22 years of running that I couldn't run. Thank goodness I am healed and back at it.

    Enjoy your weekend, your plans sound just lovely. Enjoy. xo

    1. ..it takes a village.
      I can't even imagine Kim, that sounds terrible not enjoy what you love to do, like running. I am so glad you are all healed up now.

  2. Sorry about your leg, but I'm glad so glad that you do not need surgery. I could have sworn when I bought my yarn I used pay pal via etsy....I'm getting old and my memory dims. However I do hope you get a restful weekend, dear. Parenting can be challenging but overall rewarding. We do our best, imprint, and yet they will be their own beings. I think that's what I liked most about teens. They are individuals and we are trying our best to give sage advice.

    Get out to those country side places, to the water and catch your breath!!

  3. a little more dancing is needed around here.....!!!!! do take care of that knee injury!

  4. You know I need to remember to breath. Its been a hard stressful week. But the wind will die down and the leaves will settle eventually I'm sure. So yep timely post. I'll keep breathing xxxx

    1. ...wind has dyed down a bit and there is some major breathing.

  5. I have a very crabby 15 year old these days. My oldest seems to be coming out of it all but there are days that we battle. Hang in there, I'm right there with you!

  6. I am right there with you on the carbs Camilla and have been wondering what to do. I use to never want sweets and now find myself looking around for just a 'little something', not good since I want to fit into my dress.
    I'm glad to hear you won't need surgery, just take care of yourself.
    My advice for the teenage years? Keep talking, always listening to what is in their hearts and giving them a safe place to vent when needed. Loving them so in 95% of it so you've got this!
    I saw that you didn't accept Pay Pal so I just used my card, no sweat ;)

  7. Dear Camilla, Oh yes, parenting a teenager can be the hardest thing - I find most of all because in the teen years we already have begun the shifting away from living life by my ideals and rules to their own testing of how they want to live and direct their lives. I clung to the sentiment that as long as they are still talking to you everything will be okay and as long as you're still breathing, you'll be there to listen (and listen and listen) and let them know they are loved - no matter how much they stumble on their way to adulthood. I say this as much for myself as for anyone else with or who has lived with a teen (or twenty something). Glad to read that the wind has died down! Hope your knee mends quickly - that's no fun either. Dancing, now that's a balm for any rough week! Maybe I'll join you with my littlest :) xo

  8. Thank you for the reminder that we all need to find time to breathe...

    I do hope your knee finds its way back to 100% soon.

  9. I am just starting to see the results of years of transparency coaching! Keep at it! Sorry for comment bombing you but it's all so beautiful and inspiring. We read the same things. I'm not as good as you at fulfilling my dreams -- or at knitting mittens!


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