Grateful for this busy week!

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.
~Henry Ward Beecher
 First of all I want to thank you all so very much for all your kind words, enthusiasm
and visits to my shop.
It means the world to me.
A huge thank you from me to you!
This week has been an absolute whirl wind of activity and busy- ness
but in the midst of it all I am grateful for all of it.
My Bella " Moose " had a vet check.
 I have been so worried she has been loosing weight lately
Doc floated her teeth and drew her blood, so far it looks like lack of protein.
We vegetarians get kind of droopy when that happens
  graining her and adding alfalfa to her diet until she packs on more lbs.
Enjoying the calm start of the day, beautiful fall skies in the early morn
 gearing up for what the day has in store
In the afternoons
experimenting with ice cream has gone fairly well
 4 different batches this week
blueberry/ lemon
 peanut butter /chocolate
crème de menthe
... this allows for few happy campers around the house
with such a variety to choose from
I always look forward to the weekend
to the
Not driving part
grateful for the break of taking the kids to school
Celebrated hubby's birthday on Thursday and it was low key
after a full day at the café we took him out to dinner with the troops
and  had home made ice cream cake 
1 year from being 50 he is....
Life seems to go by at warped speed
  still feel like I am eleven
 Saving the best for last.
 I started jumping Fiona "bunny"
She is a heavy breed Frisian sport horse
 not bred for jumping
 but she is full throttle!

 we both have come full circle
  so very gratifying that we have grown together
 you can read our story
if you're interested
photo credit Foghorn

an amazing fun and busy week it has been
 with all the goings on
 it makes me smile and jump for joy

... I said was eleven
Life is so good and I have much to be grateful for

 ~ again thank you all for your kindness ~
 Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead


  1. You're eleven, I'm seventeen, I think it works for both of us!
    My daughter in love, Ashley is a jumper and I can't wait to show her your photo, it's awesome, good for both you and Fiona.
    Love the photos of the field with the irrigation system, what is planted, do you know? Cotton and peanuts are coming in here, but the sod is slowing down for the season.
    Have a beautiful week ahead Camilla, and congratulations again on the shop, it makes me smile with happiness for you.

    1. Hi Tracey, I think it is either wheat, dill or potatoes- they rotate the crops. Have a great week to :)

  2. This post made me smile. I am so very happy for you, so much goodness in your life right now. Enjoy it, you deserve it. xo

  3. Creme de Menthe ice cream, sounds and looks divine. We sometimes pour creme de menthe over ice cream but your would be so much better. Love all the photos of your rural life. Great pics of you, you're so pretty, love your hair.

  4. Aw great shop! And lovely photos esp those last ones of you! I feel like I'm eleven too ;)

  5. Oh Camilla, your posts do cheer me up. The older I get, the dafter I get; in my head I'm still 18!:) Congrats on your yarn store- I've had a peek and the colours are amazing. x

  6. i always see myself as about 26.....phew. has that been a lifetime + of '26' birthdays! Great happy selfie photos!!! Love 'em.

  7. I jumped on a horse o.n.c.e. That was enough for me! I love your spirit ~ please wish Chef a happy birthday from us. Still dreaming of those waffles...

  8. I'm perpetually 14 years old....looks like a great week for you :) I hope that you have another then another then another....and so on.

  9. I am so glad to see all this wonderful busy-ness happening for you! Your photos are so stunning, especially the last two- I love the thought that this is how your Foghorn sees you - lucky boy to have such a fun, vibrant momma. xo p.s. Have I told you how EXCITED I am to receive my gorgeous, fancy, new yarn? Talk about being eleven again....

    1. I just read your post about Fiona "bunny", how amazing and inspiring. So glad you wrote that, a really, REALLY good reminder that it's never too late to take up something that had to be put aside for a little while. Beautifully said, Camilla :) xo Oh, I did noticed you've become a year younger yet - lucky you!

  10. What a great week! Your hair is amazing btw :-)

  11. I love love love the yarn I ordered--and your packaging is beautiful, too! Thank you, Camilla! I will be ordering again for sure. My mother turned 60 last week and I kid you not, she said the same thing!!!!! She said she still feels like she's eleven! Must be a good age for many folks....I watched the final George Strait concert on television this weekend and his last song The Cowboy Rides Away has been literally playing in my head when I go to sleep & upon waking it is still present...the circle of life encompasses us all and it's both beautiful & haunting...congrats again on the shop success! You look beautiful on Fiona!

    1. I am so happy you like your yarn Ruby- thank you again so much for your support :)


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