home work

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.
Sarah Ban Breathnach 
An avid garage sale shopper I found 3 chairs.
 25.00 + 10 % off.
Happy with that- they are all a little different
 Wish there was 4 - but that is usually my luck 3- and 3 is better than none...
I have an eclectic home any way.

I sanded with sand paper and roughed up with a brillo pad.
then painted white
 a water based flat was used
brillo pad, bees wax, soft cloth for application & a soft cloth to wipe it down
After 2 coats they were dry and ready to be sanded again
wipe off the paint dust and beeswax was applied
 and wiped down again
Time for a quick break
 Home work is hard work you know ....
 Then I brought the newly done chair in and tied
 organic cushions....
 nothing that a garage sale
and little elbow grease
 can't fix
I also added a fresh coat of paint to the table...
our tribe loves it and we have had many cozy meals around it.
Yes it's simple...and yes that is all we need.
I love home work.
As we become curators of our own contentment on the Simple Abundance path...
we learn to savor the small with a grateful heart.   
Sarah Ban Breathnach


  1. The chairs look great, and the cushions are adorable! I love your style so much.

  2. My mother in law has those exact chairs. I love your remake Camilla, very pretty.

  3. Bellissima trasformazione, complimenti.

  4. I love those chairs, and your work on them is amazing. I would love to cozy up around that table and enjoy a cup of tea with you :)

  5. What a great find! Love how you made them your own. I've been procrastinating painting my dining room table for months but I think you've just inspired me to get moving! Thank you for the quotes, would like to read more from her. And those cookies - super yum. Have a great weekend, Camilla! xo

  6. Great make-over! I love the cushions too!

  7. I like the different chairs around the table.
    With the sanded edges, they become beautiful!
    The great pillows make it complete!

  8. looks like they were made to be in your home! love the white and the crisp look. Also love the word play on homework, home work :)

  9. I love your aesthetic. The chairs and table are so charming and cozy!

  10. Gorgeous work - and I think it is nice that they don't quite match.

  11. Those chairs rock. I love that weathered look. I've been trying to decide if I should spend the big bucks and buy some Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan to refurb a few chairs & a couple side tables...seeing how simple you made the process here, I can stop fretting & save my pennies. Thanks for the homework tips!


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