...the good stuff.


This week has been filled with good stuff:
Enjoying the moon- ah yes...we all were a wee bit crazy I think
Soaked up an amazing fall week with lots of sun
 horses grazing in the front pasture
 hanging laundry out to dry in the warm breeze
walking in leaves with my shit kickers
 heart shaped leaves
 walks with my friend Sarah
 walks with hubby
volunteering at Montessori school field trip to the Vo Ag center
more jumping with Fiona
re painting kitchen chairs and table
 new seat cushion
 Halloween costumes
" Star wars"
Kevin Hart (love)
not as funny as his standup
found a shawl that I was knitting last year
it had been hiding in a basket waaaay in the back of the closet
Sea Salt Carmel
Tea Java
What's not to love?

and how was your week?



  1. Your images are just gorgeous. Sounds like a lovely week. Hope the coming week is just as lovely. xo

  2. Hooray for finding forgotten knits and funny movies, we are Kevin Hart fans too.
    And that ice cream? I had it last summer at my sister's, oh yum!

  3. The moon has been unbelievable! Did you catch the eclipse last week? Soak up that gorgeous sun... xo

  4. beautiful week and I'm wishing you more like it. Glad you found a shawl to finish, that makes it much faster knitting :)

  5. I'm afraid your photos of ice cream are really not helping my waistline! (I'm looking at the clock and wondering if 11am is too early to eat some). You have such an eye for colour, Camilla - I love seeing all the yellows, golds, green and violets here in your space today - the colours in your shawl especially (definitely "weeee")! Sounds like you have been having a great week so far - wishing you more of the same :) xo

  6. What a glorious week! You are the epitome of cool, Camilla. We have shit kickers here, too, love that! Such a great life. Thank you, as always, for sharing your happy!

  7. Looks like a fabulous week - I'm drooling at that ice cream. x

  8. Your photos they slay me. So Damn Good!


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