Grumpy Grizzly

Ominous skies.... a storm is rolling in.
Knowing there is no stopping it, that old unwelcome feeling.

Trouble is on the horizon.
Worry. Worry. Worry.

The flu. The dreaded stomach flu. I don't get sick very often so it scares the heck out of  me- I'm not very good at being sick and don't like being called "trooper".... I don't feel like a trooper.

I feel like a grumpy grizzly bear- so keep your distance.

My kids rally around and hand out glasses of water, blankets, condolences and well wishes at a far distance.
Smart move...both.
Jules thankfully drives the bunch to school and I can finally keel over on the couch. Lilly by my side and Mimi sleeping, curled up by my legs...my sweet animals, offering comfort.

As time passes I hobble to kitchen get some hot ginger tea going and a tablespoon of orange blossom honey. Honey is the best with all the anti bacterial stuff it has in it...I swear it helps.
There is no lemon to be found...unfortunate.
I will have to do with out.
Back to the couch I fall asleep with my wool blankets and fury friends.

Few hours later - wake up.
YESSSS!!!  I'm still alive...that's a good thing.

My body is one big huge ache but this where I am aware that my body has my back, it knows what to do and how to heal. Grateful for how it works every day, being able to run, yoga, ski, ride horses, chase my kids- eat ice cream.

Feeling like a distended Python
I turn on the tube and watch James May on Top Gear drive this monster Toyota truck over hot lava by a volcano somewhere, his darn truck tires catch fire...ehhh no, to close to home.

I need water!!!
Pick up my knitting- knitting always saves the day.

Getting time for dinner and I am not in the mood to make.

Unfortunately this problem is not so easily solved for my horses...I still have to go outside and feed the girls.
They whinny as I approach them in my pj's and robe ..they don't know what to think of that???
Well for Pete sake this is not the day to dress in proper feeding attire- gimmie a break!

Dinner...yes, saltines sound good maybe a banana for dessert.

Kids come home from school wanting to hug me- but we do Hollywood kisses. They start a fire and tuck me in again on the couch telling me about their day, eventually they wander off in each and every direction- feels good to have normalcy in the houses...muffled music from my daughters room, the sound of legos being strewn around the floor- foghorn is busy making a Viking ship....all familiar sounds...

Chef comes home- he hugs me, seeing him makes me feel better. He pulls out freshly made tomato soup from the café and sourdough bread- whew...we have dinner!

Yes, I have been a grumpy grizzly bear feeling a little sorry for myself...
but in the midst of my misery I feel so cared for...I guess I can stand a storm or two.
Even if this whooped my butt -I know tomorrow is a new day.

~ Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



  1. So sorry you have been hit with illness, but glad to hear that your family is taking such good care of you. I do hope you are feeling better soon. Take care! xo

  2. oh I hate the stomach flu immensely, but then who on earth would say they like it? I hope you feel better soon and you must stay in bed and recover quickly, because there is so much to do!!

  3. You poor dear, I do hope you are feeling better, I am sending healing thoughts your way. Yes, lots of tea with honey is a good thing. Sigh, it really is the pits when you have to drag yourself outside to feed the animals when you are sick, or it's cold and raining, but it must be done. Take care of yourself Camilla and rest as much you can.

  4. Oh no, the flu is so nasty. It's circulating here too, I hope I won't catch it. Sending healing thoughts your way!

  5. oh, Camilla......feel better soon. Nothing worse. (You left out my favorite part....the hug the potty part.YUCK.) sending you good vibes and lots of virtual hugs.

  6. Hope you feel better soon. I have the flu jab this year - for the baby, I usually don't bother but I hate being sick too.

  7. Are you feeling better today?
    I think too that honey is the best with all the anti bacterial stuff;)
    Maybe you could write a book.
    You feel sick and miserable, but you know to describe it beautiful!
    Big hug XO

  8. Feel better dear Camilla. Nothing like some Top Gear and honey to set you right.. I love Top Gear..

  9. Oh dear, the dreaded stomach flu, I hope you are feeling at least a little better now. How awful, like you, it is one of the things I fear most and you are quite right in describing it as you do. So glad to know you're in good hands. Take care, Camilla. xo

  10. Yuk, I hate that particular flu the worst. Hope you're feeling better and that you are healthy all winter.

  11. Well that has to be the best post I've ever read devoted to being sick. Your positive energy is so awesome, C. Hollywood kisses & hugs from Iowa to Montana--hope you're well & the rest of the family avoided infection. xx

  12. I'm so sorry your sick. It is the worst! I'm behind with my blog reading so I'm hoping you are already feeling much better xxx


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