This week

You learn something every day if you pay attention.
~Ray LeBlond
This week I learned:
 That blogging is still alive and well, that people have something to say & share!
Being part of this great community, well... makes life a little greater.
There are many kindred folks out there in blog land- thank you for sharing your thoughts and your favorite destinations. As much as people like to travel- staying home is also where the heart is.
The world is big...but so is family.
I love a new artist found via Sustainablemum : Agnes Obel...beautiful
How much downhill skiing has helped my usual winter blues- winter can be wonderful as it was when I was  kid.
That I thrive when I am learning something new and it is high time to step out of "my box". Signing up for some classes at www.craftsy.com
It's not worth the sleepless nights stressing about life, realizing the universe is too big and I am only along for the ride. Trying to solve problems at 1:45 am isn't working for me. There usually is a way around unpleasant things that need to be dealt with when day light breaks, even a solution.
 Houston Texas here I come...whaaaaaat???!!
My Norwegian passport is expiring and apparently can no longer be renewed in Missoula Montana. I have to fly all the way to Houston Texas....(maybe I'll buy a cowboy hat) 
The year of the sheep is at the front door...I'm a sheep- excited to see what this new fresh year holds.
How has your week been...did you learn something?

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  1. Just listened to Agnes Obel...beautiful indeed. Thanks for the intro. I agree sleep is much more important than stressing about life. Have fun in Texas :)

  2. Have fun in Texas! Never tried a Crafsy class, but have thought about it. Really enjoying your ski pictures too. Its like another world. I am learning to knit socks - weeeee !!

  3. We drove to Budapest this week for a new passport. Wednesday my mother was suddenly in front of me. She flew from the Netherlands to Hungary to celebrate my birthday with me on January 21th. It was a big surprise! Everyone knew it except me.
    I love the flowers. Have fun in Texas cowgirl!

  4. Yes, I do hope you buy a hat while in Texas and maybe boots? They do have some lovely ones.
    Classes on Craftsy sound fun, I might have to take a look myself, sounds fun.
    Enjoy all your snow and downhill skiing, the sun has returned here so I am headed out!

  5. Have fun in Houston! I'm glad blogging is still around.

  6. Like you, I came to the conclusion that problems always seem much bigger in the middle of the night! Hang onto your Norwegian passport...it's worth a trip to the city!

  7. Good on you that you are not going to let stress ruin you. There is nothing good that comes from stressing.
    Those beautiful vibrant flowers brightened my day, thank you!
    Enjoy your trip to Houston. You really need to buy that cowboy hat. :)

  8. You sure do look good in hats, Camilla, you definitely need a Texas cowboy hat! I hope the trip is without hiccups. I tend to wake up more & more at 1AM, 2AM, etc & just worryworryworry...mostly about existence & life & all those fun things...it sure is nice the next night when I manage to sleep deeply & soundly due to being so tired! Love your attitude, it always shines through brightly in every post. xx

  9. all the way to TX??? Hope you find some exploring time while you are there.......love the flowers. This time of year, I just have to have some around the house, too!!!!

  10. Sleep is important, I loathe that agonising at 1am sadly I find myself doing it once in a while and the 'problem' was not really there in the first place. I too am glad that blogging is still alive, it is wonderful to meet so many kindred spirits and to know there are more out there to be found.

    Thank you for the mention ;). I am so glad you like Agnes Obel.

  11. I am very excited about the year of the sheep :-D. How on earth could have have been born a monkey? Sigh...

  12. Beautiful pictures as ever Camilla; they always cheer me up :) Enjoy your trip to Texas - you should definitely buy a hat!
    I hope your worries are few and you get a good sleep; I like the Irish proverb: 'A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cure for anything' x

  13. where oh where did you get the flowers? so lovely, so spring like :) It's weird you have to go to texas to renew you passport....but I know you'll have fun. Glad to know the blog land is going a okay!

  14. This week I have learned that the world can be both hard and soft - sometimes all in the same day! Each day I learn how to let go (just a wee bit more) and that letting go can feel good! Right now I have learned that your sense of bright and lively colour, Camilla, makes me feel REALLY happy :) thanks for asking ;) xoxo

  15. your petals are lovely... and yes, pushing out of my comfortable box is my thriving point as well. This year... i think I'm going to salsa.

  16. I adore the music of Agnes Obel, have been listening to her for a couple of years now. If you ever get a chance to see one of her live performances make sure you do, it's entrancing.


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