Barn Sweater

“Don't close the barn door after the horse runs away”

American Proverb

Knitting " Barn Sweater" featured in Taproot issue 11
 a lovely soft 50/50 Merino/ Alpaca yarn
 slightly textured and heathered
 it has a rustic feel to it.
that I imagine a barn sweater should have
 I didn't have enough of one color so mixed
 lavender, saffron, chocolate and sky blue
 yarn from
Reading a lovely book
 Ken Nerburn
 he writes clear and gentle guidance about on the big issues in life
 A constant quandary
for me
I find it offers me simplicity & comfort.
There is still enough time to enter the  GIVEAWAY here at FjordGirl-
 ~ winner will be announced January 22 ~
Joining Ginny and Frontier Dreams



  1. Can't wait to see your barn sweater. xo

  2. gorgeous gorgeous colors! I really want to cast on the cowl from the most recent Taproot, I need some more chocolaty yarn added to my stash first I think! ;)

  3. So pretty Camilla. I have the barn sweater on my list to knit this year, it's a great looking sweater.

  4. Beautiful knitting Camilla! Love the colors you paired together :) Can't wait to see you in it!

  5. No one has a better sense of color than you! this is lovely!

  6. Those colours are lovely :) the magazine sounds good too!

  7. Gorgeous colors! This sweater is in my queue!

  8. Those colors are so pretty together. Looks very spring-like.

  9. Your sweater is lovely. The colors you are using are beautiful. I saw this pattern and I love it - I think I'm going to try and make one for myself. You mentioned you are from Norway. Have you heard of "Daughters of Norway", a organization throughout the US for Norwegians? http://www.daughtersofnorway.org/ I'm a member of my local lodge. It's great fun. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Beautiful mix of colors. Love the photo.
    I'm toying with the idea of the Barn Sweater too...

  11. That is a wonderful blend of colours. The book sounds like a perfect winter read tucked up by a fire............

    We have a similar saying in the UK, dont close the stable door after the horse has bolted :)

  12. i love the colour combo...it matches the magazine cover !!! Kent Nerburn writes so beautifully... i have read his book "Small Graces" but haven't seen this one.

  13. I like the colour combination of your sweater!

  14. I love the colours you're using for your sweater; they remind me of spring crocuses (croci?!) ; the book sounds interesting; it's on my reading list. x

  15. LOVE your technicolor version of the Barn Sweater! Can't wait to see more :) xoxo

  16. That sweater will be gorgeous. It already is just lying in a puddle of color & possibilities!

  17. Love the colours you are using for your sweater.


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