and so it begins

 ....a new year begins.

 another year gone by
mixed blessings
feeling maybe...a bit melancholy and relieved

Some wonderful moments and memories were made
 and a few that were not so great

This year I am striving to be peaceful

 try to slow down
be in the moment

 not do little things that don't matter- filter more what is really important
 not try to race thru another check list

 never felt much accomplishment that way anyway.
doing less fills me up more

a garden is being planed for this year
learning something new
a desire to feel nourished

Being kinder to my self ...
experiencing a few breezes of unannounced happiness and joy

 this new year
 a fresh page
 ready for another chapter to begin

 I found this -
Susannah Conway
 free work book and calendar
 creative and motivating
working on this in my journal

 what does this year have in store?

Wishing you all peace
 love and blessings for 2015


  1. my word this year is 'mindful'.....for all the reasons that you more eloquently said than I did. I, too, have a tendency to rush through....lists, projects, life---missing along the way. (I had a couple projects finished that I honestly have no recollection of even making....didn't enjoy the pattern, the yarn, the process----and a couple, I didn't even particularly like the end result. A different kind of year ahead.
    Looking at your photos reminds me what a beautiful season this can be.....I look out my window, and it could easily be March or April. Cold, but sunny without the hint of snow or frost or icy anything. Thanks for bringing a tiny bit of my favorite season to me!!!

  2. It was nice to read that you are being kinder to yourself, it's so important Camilla. As women who wear many hats we so often put everyone else's needs before our own and then we become so depleted when we don't need to be.
    And you are planning a garden, that is super news. To me there is nothing better than walking out in the yard to pick dinner ;)
    I know you enjoying all the beautiful snow and I will admit to being a tad bit envious, although today the sun is shining and since it's been awhile it's nice.
    Have the best time my friend.

  3. Happy New Year my friend. I love your plans for 2015, looking after ourselves, slowing down and enjoying the peace...so important.

    Enjoy all that snow! We finally have some snow falling, not much but it is a start.

  4. happy new year;Camilla! your plans sounds good!!!!!
    enjoy your snow world...we have one day snow the other day rain!

  5. your winter wonderland pictures are breathtaking...
    and thank you for sharing the site for the workbook...i'm just about to print it out.

  6. I wish you a peaceful and joyful new year! xo
    I love to see your snow pictures.
    Here in Hungary it still hasn't snowed.
    This year I want to live more in the moment, have a lot of happiness
    and create beautiful things.

  7. So happy to see you back in this space - though I do hope you enjoyed your time away and feel both refreshed and renewed by it, too. I just read through that workbook yesterday, I think I will work with that this year with you :)

    Wishing you a year full of happy breezes, Camilla (what a lovely image you create with that) - sometimes the unexpected ones are the most delightful :) xo

  8. May you achieve a peaceful new year!! January is such a good month, new beginnings, new ideas, reflecting on what we want to change. I love all of it!

  9. My word this year is gonna be healing, some healing needs to be done here, not just physical but emotional.

    I love your post, both photos and words are so inspiring :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  10. Once again beautiful winter pictures. I hope you'll achieve everything you wish for in 2015! :)

  11. Wishing you a wonderful new year! Amen to simplicity, peace and being kinder to yourself! xx

  12. A garden is a wonderful way to instill peace into your daily plan! I hope for many peaceful days ahead for you, Camilla! xx


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