...more snow

more snow
 more wind
 more tea
 more reading
 more knitting
more napping
 ...by the fireplace
more shoveling
 more skiing
more clothing
 more slippers
more jammies on after school
 more snow forts
more hot soup
more cars being stuck in the driveway...grrrr... grumble grumble
 which leads to...
 more shoveling
more cold nights
more starry nights
 more appreciation for a nice warm house
...did I say more snow?


  1. Just gorgeous. You have such a beautiful blog!

  2. wow... look at all that light !!! Winter truly is the season sunglasses are most valuable for.

  3. Can you send some of that snow this way, we need some, badly.

    Your home is beautiful, and it looks so cozy. Enjoy!

  4. Stunning photos!! what a beautiful landscape. I love the little pants, they are so gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lluisa xoxo

  5. Gorgeous snow! Enjoy it for me..!!

  6. a perfect more kind of day! Is your dog still feeling well? He looks good!

    1. Thanks Karen for asking- yep Luther has a new lease on life- al is well :)

  7. What gorgeous pictures! I don't care for snow but you've made it look beautiful :) and the cat picture is hilarious, s/he looks a bit mad about being woken up!

  8. I love all those photos! Especially the horse! The landsscapes are so pretty where you live, Camilla.

  9. More awesome! I totally get the frustration, however, of cars being stuck in the driveway. We usually have that problem due to ice. Lots of ice here always. Your animal friends are precious--I love how you capture their individual personalities. The one-eye cat stare made me laugh. xx

  10. It's easy for me to say since I don't deal with it...but it sure looks heavenly to me!

  11. Just gorgeous but I would enjoy the warm house, too. Your animals are so cute and cozy-looking.


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