passing thoughts

It's 5. 35 am chef heads out. Has to get everything ready early am for breakfast at Base Camp. I open my eyes it's still pitch black- stumble out of bed I get ready for the day. The dogs want out and to time to take care of business. Lilly does her regular round and barks at everything and anything to alert that she is once again in charge of her domain this early morn. Luther sits patiently waiting for breakfast- which I swear he inhales in 3.2 seconds. Usually these winter morns I light candles on the kitchen table- it's the Scandinavian in me- in wintertime it helps waft away heaviness of the dark. I wake my sleepy children- they are not big fans of getting up so early, but a price we all have to pay to get to school so far way.
Coffee is on - Knekkebrod and lingon berry jam, breakfast of champions, I start to come alive. The kids start filing into the kitchen, a well orchestrated symphony of eggs being made, oatmeal, milk and juice being poured and splashed, wiped up and gulped down...self sufficient little buggers.
Lunch is made - teeth are brushed and hair combed- they look for the most part "neatly" disheveled at this hour, I am proud of them for being such troopers , especially when mornings like this go pretty smoothly.
Get the flashlight - run out in the frozen dark tundra and feed the horses who greet me with a hungry nicker.
Start the frozen car- that is not the least bit happy about having spent another cold night in the Montana winter...
Still dark- it hasn't snowed for over a week the roads are nice and clear, no ice and no wrecks that we pass by weekly. We arrive, day light breaks, sun is rising over the Swan Mountain range. Big Sky ablaze with pinks, peach and deep orange,  I sit with Fog horn for 10 minutes in the parking lot before school and continue reading, The Magicians Nephew- secretly thinking how lucky I am sitting in the car reading to my son.
 I actually don't mind my 1 hr roundtrip commute. It's time for thoughts to seep in. Lots of mental filing, dreaming, organizing happens on the road between school and home.
Abundance is a state of mind!
 I love this!  A great discovery that has been carving itself out lately in my mind how feeling abundant + grateful sets the tone for any circumstance and truly makes difference.
 It's these mornings I think about my favorite word: Magnificent....and how we all are. How we seem to divide and conquer our daily tasks, for the most part. That we can lean on each other and  have each others backs. 
We are a clan.

Letting my self fall into feeling peaceful.

Noticing lately it's impossible to put a whole week into one day.
No longer willing to live up to other people standards, take it or leave it.
What I do, does not define me
 - it's who I am 
Stay in your lane!!! I'll stay in mine.
(Huge Kevin Hart fan)
Weaving in and out of the morning fog -there are parts of the road I can see clearly and other times I need to slow down and be cautious. My thoughts drift and I realize how life is ever changing-  it's not all about happiness it's a small part of life, it flutters in ....or flutters by, catch it while you can. Embracing darkness is just as important, it will make you appreciate the light that follows, it all comes in waves just like this early morning fog.
Discovering how reading an interesting book can be more nourishing than a conversation.

and how I find Stuffy and Inflated people....boring
Crazy can be good...really good!
Giving up is not always the best option and that little things matter!
Prove to myself- not others

My dreams don't always fit into my reality- but the ones that do........
Nearing home I turn into my frozen drive way and think how many random thoughts pass during the day. Life is a really exciting adventure and truly the best gift I will ever receive.
There is a  richness, I savor more. Wag more bark less ( love that sticker)
Stay in your lane!!! I'll stay in mine.



  1. Beautiful words Camilla.
    I pinned this on Pinterest - it's so true: 'Flux'- The natural state. Our moods change. Our lives change. Our feelings for each other change. Our bearings change.The song changes.The air changes. Accept this. We must accept this'.
    Just keep on being you xx

  2. That's what I'm talking about! Beautiful!


  3. I received the yarn in the mail and it is beckoning me to use it quickly. I am thinking of making a cowl or neck gaiter. I thank you again and feel I am very lucky for winning your gift. :)

  4. crazy really is the best 'good'!!! thanks for taking us on your morning venture!

  5. I think that as we get older, we start to let a lot of stuff go, especially the worry of what others think. Love your words and I'm glad your morning went smoothly. When that happens, I feel as if I can take on the world!

  6. Camilla, this is beautiful !!! I love the way you've captured how some passing thoughts are momentary and fleeting and how some are deep personal truths. and yes... I too love being a mother of troopers. Have a great weekend.

  7. I felt I was with you the day, we do so much day in and day out :)

  8. Well put, Camilla. It is quite remarkable that so much our inner lives and paths are reflected in our day to day experiences, like how you describe your morning drive, the navigating through the foggy patches and the clear patches. Like you, I've also been giving a lot of thought to the importance of both light AND dark - there was a quote I shared last December that has really stuck with me and has served as a bit of a personal mantra these past few weeks, I think you might like it too: Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, As without light, nothing flowers. -May Sarton
    Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo

  9. Darkness in the morning is heavy isn't it. I had not thought to put it like that. It weighs down on us, making us slow. A lovely peak into your day. :)

  10. Lovely thoughts, Camilla. I thought of you just now because another blogger I read regularly, Otto, of In Flow (link in my blogroll) is a Norwegian photographer and just started a travel blog, along with some other people, and it's all in Norwegian. Here's the link, if you're interested:


  11. I have found myself beginning to really enjoy my school commute in the morning with my son (the only one in public school). We chat. It's just us. He's usually in a fairly good mood. Last year and the year before (and probably the year before that) the commute drove me nuts. The weather was always dicey and for a couple years we were accompanied by a small infant in the back seat...but he's growing up so fast...I need to slow down and appreciate it before it's gone. Thanks for the beautiful, gentle reminder. Life is such an adventure! Just wish it didn't go so fast~~~~


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