The curse

"The biggest mistake you could ever make is being to afraid to make one."

This week:
 Doc said I had whip lash after my ski-scapade
so I have experienced what living with that feels like
I do not recommend it.

My "lovely" 14 year old that tests me beyond belief
it's as if his job is to see how much grief he can give me
the insurmountable of  trouble he gets himself into is just unreal
 lets just say he keeps the principle busy
this saga seams never-ending

 Fog horn - the youngest (on accident) broke a full bottle of olive oil in the pantry at 6:25 am this morning- the most stressful time- rushing to take the kids to school

 lets not forget the bloody mess it is to clean up broken glass and oil up spilled all over dry goods
 on the floor
whilst slipping and cursing in Norwegian
every bad word I knew
with a bad case of whip lash to boot.

feeling pretty cursed.

In the meantime I have been scratching my head how to
infuse more color, variance, depth and uniqueness
 to my yarns

  a conundrum for months

 I feel like I have been circling the drain
 to scared to try something different- what if I fail???

A curse.

 This week
 out of no where the answer appeared with no trumpets sounding
 quietly moved thru my head

At that moment all my yarn skeins saw daylight again
 patiently waiting for a color bath- the beautiful assortment of dyes
  pots & pans
  a glorious mess was created in the kitchen

 To heck with the kids
to heck with my whiplash and the olive oil

I was singing to Agnes!
and dyeing my heart out
(yeah I know that sounds weird)

 blazing a new trail

Sometimes all we need is a break thru to get out of our funk
 finding that creative spark and confidence (in my case) 
 letting everything else stay on the back burner
 absorb that moment
 even if fleeting
 be there fully

 letting that damn curse take a hike!

Yeah sure Auggie will be no different next week with all his crazy teen stuff and
Foghorn will be full throttle getting into things
 and I will be skiing once again.

but I will take this small victory
 this curse removed and celebrate
 I will celebrate with color

 and beautiful
 beautiful Agnes.

Wishing you all a curse free weekend.

~  Addendum ~
  New yarn available in the shop today!


  1. oh C, how i wish we lived closer! My 15 year has had a rough first half of the year. So many fears for him. Finally, a home visit by the school counselor and principal seemed to whip him back to where he needed to be. I think back on my oldest and realize he was a mess at this age too and now he is growing into a fine young man. How hard it is for these teens! Stay strong and know you are not alone in this journey!

    1. I take great comfort in your words Jane, thank you. It takes a village. Remember the days of Flickr when they were litte...feels like yesterday.

  2. Sorry about the whip lash, and the kiddo troubles, but happy to hear the fog has lifted on the yarn curse :) Can't wait to see what you have been whipping up.

    Enjoy your weekend Camilla. xo

  3. Your quote is so very true and I think it says a lot to say it is one I can never read enough. SO sorry to hear about your whiplash- that really stinks (I have a cervical disk that likes to slip out of place on occasion - mostly when I'm stressed- so I can appreciate how having a pain in the neck really, really, hurts). And the olive oil and principal "messes"? I don't think anyone would blame you for cursing!!! You post really speaks to the power of craft, of making and creating of taking all that messy, "cursed" energy and transforming into to something healing and positive. Okay, I'm off to your Etsy shop to see what you've been up to! Heal well, Camilla, BIG hugs and gentleness to you. XO

    1. p.s. Have you ever heard of the "Mercury in retrograde" effect? I'm not one who feels super comfortable with planetary alignment stuff - but this was interesting - we have "officially" entered into a period like this and boy, it kind of made sense to me given all the **** going on here (or maybe its just nice to have an excuse!) I don't think I can post a link here, but here is the address is you are curious http://www.abundantmama.com/10-productively-peaceful-things-mercury-retrograde/. xo

    2. THANK YOU! for your words and that wonderful link you sent me Leigh- Can't wait to dive into this article and I have bookmarked this blog looks so nourishing- exactly what I am yearning for. I appreciate your suggestion. xo

  4. I cannot imagine cleaning oil and glass, jeez not fun at all. I get put out when the dog yaks on the carpet--I always am the cleaner upper on that and why doesn't he yak on the tile floor?? I had a feeling you whiplashed yourself. So so so glad you did not break anything.

    1. Thank you kindly Karen...I am on the mend...grumpy however, getting better.

  5. Oh my goodness, I totally was going to write a similar post today--this week has been one black-eye after another here in my house...with the hubby gone for business for a week I've been a little on edge & everything just seems to crash & burn at once when I'm stressed. Absorbing the moment is amazing advice--I wish I had done so...I will be sure to remember the next time the sh*t hits the fan!

    What a glorious skein you created!!! You're definitely on to something, something fantastic. My 12yo is wondering what animal your antler came from? She thinks it's beautiful.

    Enjoy a healing weekend! xx

    1. Thank you Ruby. The antlers are man made from resin. (Check your email)

  6. the depth of color in that skein is truly amazing!!! I've said so many times before....no one does color the way you do. Stunningly beautiful!

    (hope the whiplash eases up some.......the kids? phew. I think they simply have to outgrow these phases.....don't hold your breath!!!!)

    1. It feels good to hear I shouldn't hold my breath... Because that's what I feel all day - need to come up for air . Thank you for your kind words Steph.

  7. Well, it sounds like you had a yucky morning, but I do hope the rest of the day has been brighter. Oh those teenage boys, they are something aren't they? Hopefully soon it will all be out of his system and life will be a little easier.
    I am so sorry you have whiplash and hope you are giving your body a chance to heal with lots of rest and woolie goodness. I think your yarn color is amazing! OMG, it is so rich, the color reminds me of the sea. I'm very excited that you are opening your shop doors again.

    1. Thank you Tracey you are always so caring with your nourishing words. Yep, having fun with new dye coloring and yarn.

  8. i hear ya about teens... there are days when i look at mine straight in the eye and say"I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!"
    but they do keep us young at heart and on our toes- don't they?? Glad your whip lash didn't stop you from finding your creative groove. Have a great weekend

    1. I might have borrow that phrase- good one Erica! Yes they do keep us young at heart and I do love them so.

  9. That yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I'm sorry for all of the unfortunate events that took place before hand, but sometimes it takes all kinds of crap to get us to say "bump this" and then the fog lifts and everything just flows.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I love that Darcel " bump it" never heard that expression - thank you for your encouragement - have a great weekend too !

  10. Yikes, that was a rather rough way to start the morning! Sorry to hear about the whiplash!

    Love hearing and seeing that your creative vision came to fruition. The yarn is stunning.

    1. Yes, so happy about feeling creative- thank you Andi.

  11. I find that one person's mistakes are another's beauty. I love your yarn...and your stories.
    Hugs, Marybeth

  12. Ohnoes, so sorry to hear your skiing accident led to a whiplash :( Hope you will feel better soon, and let Agnes' magical music do some of the healing as well.

  13. Whiplash is horrible it made me hold my head at a weird angle for ages which then gave me a whole new set of pain.......I love where you inspiration comes from, sometimes we need chaos to be able to see clearly! So glad you are loving Agnes :)

  14. All right, I'm on board! I clicked over here from Ginny's. You got me with the photos of the mountains and the lakes. I was born in Montana and have been hearing the call all my life, I think. But if you can talk 14 year-olds, I'm hooked!


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