Is blogging dead?

-this just in :

I read blogging is dead!
just when I thought things were getting good around here?

 Not sure I agree with that statement- as an avid magazine reader and collector, I find some blogs can be way more fresh and current.

I find community in blogging with like and unlike minded people that I have established a far away friendship with- some I would be pals with and have coffee or ski or something. On my blogging journey there are people /ideas/things I can relate to, learn from, find advice not mention creativity ( something I am always on the hunt for) all that, I find pretty remarkable.

Blogging gives you a voice.

Think how many folks read blogs for crafting, photography inspiration, recipes, parenting, homeschooling, travel, promoting their business, fashion advice...lets NOT forget knitting.

 I live in Montucky in the middle of nowhere ...HELLO is anyone out there???!!!!

It's fun to have New York at my front step or my friend from Italy at the breakfast table...probably would not have been a possibility if not for the world of blogging.
Peering into peoples daily lives...there is something charming about that, and I for one appreciate what blogging offers.

I read this article and this article both interesting and valid.

 Blogging is more for 40- something with kids

If blogging is dead does that mean we have nothing more to say?
Nothing more to share?
Are we done here?

Personally I think that would be very sad if the good folks out there thought that blogging was dead.
I'm not done yet!!!!

Some think blogging is narcissistic- I never bought that idea.
 -maybe there is some truth to that?
Are people tired of reading about daily lives, kids, crafting, photography, food etc?

I think of blogging as a lovely concoction of a grownup show and tell.
Look what I can make...let me show you how you can make this this too.
I traveled here...you should go there too, and these are some cool places to visit.
We cooked this yesterday- do you want a bite...here's the recipe.

But maybe...
the cup half full or is it running over?

Not a big fan of facebook, I sure do love instagram and the beautiful pictures even the silly emotion cons....
but blogging gives more.. I think.

What say you- Is blogging dead?



  1. Interesting post Camilla, and my response is a big NO, blogging is not dead although I have noticed a drop in other's posting and maybe that is due to Instagram? I am not on Instagram so I don't know, but from my understanding it's just posting a photo and adding a few words; to me this is taking away the bonding that is formed from a blog post. I feel like when I visit a blog I am sitting down at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and sharing a bit with another dear soul. I have made so many friends that world over that I never would have made if not for a blog, people like you who I would love and hope to meet one day in person. I live in the middle of no where with no neighbors so visiting blogs each morning is my way to connect with others, otherwise my days would be pretty lonely. I think blogging gives a whole lot and I for one plan on staying :)

  2. Hear, hear Tracey, I agree so much with what you said.

    Camilla, as someone who only blogs, with no other social media, I don't think blogging is dead. I do think it is changing, and I definitely see how things like Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and other social media outlets have crept in and maybe taken over a little bit. Such is life. I still like to blog, for various reasons, and will continue to do so. Who knows maybe it is just us over 40 mamas blogging, but hey, I think we are a pretty awesome group of ladies.

    Enjoy your weekend. xo

  3. I LOVED reading this post! I am with you on this for all the very same reasons you have so wonderfully outlined here! Whoohoo! I'm so glad to read you are amongst the living here in blogland :) xo

  4. It's not dead per se, it's completely over-saturated. When I first started, 5 years ago, I got way more comments and my favorite blogs got WAY more comments than they do now. Today I blog more for myself and don't put a lot of weight into who reads it or how many comments I get. I don't try and build it like I used to.
    I enjoy Instagram a lot and tend to get more action there...


  5. I don't think it is dead - I think it depends what you want from it. I blog to connect with my friends and family who may be far away, and love the comaradary with like minded individuals. It's probably harder to build up followers and make any money from it, but that's not why I do it!

  6. I don't think it's dead at all. And I don't think is narcissist at all, if you wanna see it that way. .. well, maybe you are the narcissist one. I do have a blog and although I don't have so many followers I do enjoy reading all the ones I follow. It can be very inspirational on crafting ways, parenthood, spirituality. .. and all sorts of things.
    And to be honest, some days when I feel a bit lonely and down it's a big relief to turn the laptop on and be around so many like minded people, it makes you feel like you belong to a community where the only way to feel it's comfortable. So thanks to everyone out there, thanks for make me feel part of your lives.

    Lluisa xoxo

  7. I agree with you one hundred percent, blogging it not dead. If anything I have found that it is still my go to method for being inspired and reading about virtual friends. There are a number of blogs I read that are written by 20-something aged bloggers.

  8. Couldn't agree more, blogging is NOT dead! It's a completely different medium and I think for me it's the biggest source of inspiration. I love the read about what drives other people, what they are making and how they feel about it. And there's such a fantastic community around it that doesn't compare to anything else.

  9. I am not sure if I am that bothered if blogging is dead. Perhaps it was written by a blogger who is not getting the following or comments that they think they should. If you don't write anything of interest then people won't visit or comment! I personally don't think it is dead but then I fit the demographic...........

  10. Blogging is alive, as far as I'm concerned! I love blogs and yours is a treat. Blog on!

  11. nope not dead one single bit. I love talking and have since I was a kid, blogging is talking with words and photos, it's part of who I am :) Love this post Camilla and I am NOT 40 with kids......

  12. no no no!!! most certainly not dead as far as i'm concerned.....but as i look around me sometimes and see young people glued to their facebook accounts, I can understand that THEY are not joining in with the blogging community. Blogging takes a bit of time....a bit of thoughtfulness....and little planning.....and a tad bit of creativity. It's not 'instant'....and that's just the way I like it. I like meeting like-minded people---I like when people take the time to meet me. Punching a 'like' button just doesn't cut it. Blogging dead? I sure hope not!!!!!!!

  13. No! I love coming over to see what other people are doing and thinking in the world, it gives me so much. Keep blogging girl!

  14. Of course blogging is not dead! I just thought it was coming to life. I've met so many lovely people through the blogging community. If it were not for blogging, my photography wouldn't have been that creative, my knitting would have been non-existent and my belief in humanity would have dropped below zero considering the numerous barbarian things that happen in the world. By the way, I'm 30 and have no kids ;-)

  15. I love reading blogs (especially yours!) I had to stop because my boys asked me to. You know, privacy and all. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what to blog about now. It will come...I think I just need to pick up the camera again!

    1. I miss you. Can't you do something with knitting and photography... More general that keeps your personal life private.

  16. I think perhaps the reason for the decline in the number of new blogs started by "younger people" (teens/early 20s) may have to do with attention span & our society's drive to consume information very very VERY quickly...many people really don't want to read more than a few sentences, or any sentences at all for that matter. Doesn't Twitter have like a 140 character limit?

    I like to think of my own blog as my journal & if I was born a 100 years ago, I would have kept a pencil/paper journal...but I live in the 21st Century so life is different...I appreciate your blog a great deal, Camilla, as you take the time to tell a story & I want to make the time to read your stories & appreciate the thoughts/ideas generated here in your lovely space. We live such disconnected lives nowadays--despite the fact we are all so connected--reading/following certain blogs is like sitting down for a cup of coffee/tea with friends from the neighborhood. Blogging may not be the "it" thing anymore, but I find it more meaningful than any other form of social media out there today.

    This was a wonderful post, Camilla. I thought about it the entire school run this morning. Thank you for the food for thought! xx

  17. dead or alive... i think i will linger on in blogsphere if not only to be inspired by blogs like yours !!!

  18. I fear that we've lost some really interesting bloggers because FB is "easier" and "more popular" and it's easier to get "feedback" because all someone has to do is click a "like" button rather than construct a written response. I have not been at all impressed with FB even though I'm trying to "play the game". I look at my blog as bottom line, a journal for my own enjoyment and records, but try to keep my other "audience" in mind too because I enjoy the connections I've made with them. Much more than some "likes" on FB. If that makes sense.

  19. I agree! blogging is not dead!
    I love to have visitors from other countries and also love to visit them.
    My Hungarian is not good enough to have a conversation with the people who live here. On the internet you can translate the tekst ;)

  20. Personally, I think the statement "blogging is dead" is equivalent to saying "reading is dead." I do not blog myself, but I love to wander through a number of blogs. It's like reading great short stories, some with awesome "illustrations" when they include pictures that sooth my soul. Are some blogs way too puffed up with self? Sure. But aren't some books puffed up with the author, and lacking great content? I hope to be able to wander through the field of blogs for years to come!!!!

  21. Noooo, I hope not! I love it. I do see other bloggers come and go, I guess they get burned out but I love doing it as well as reading others' blogs, me probably for seeing the photography of others mostly, but I'm also interested in other people's lives and points of view, what they find interesting, etc. I'm sure Blogger, Wordpress, and the others hope it's not dead, too...As another of your commenters said, for me it's a journal somewhat and I like to see other journals, too.

  22. I sure as heck hope not! My morning starts each day with reading blogs. I love peering into other lives that are like mine, are where I what to be in the future and some that are totally different. Really blogs are my newspaper. I come away smiling and thoughtful which is something the news rarely gives me


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