Rise and Shine

Just before dawn I have the world all to myself.
~Terri Guillemets

 the moon is just about to depart 
the cool night air
 sweetness of grass
a rooster reminds us to rise and shine
my girls see me
 they neigh and nicker at me telling me that I'm 5 minutes past breakfast !
 time to feed
 Bella gets up close and personal
 Sun is a way aways from rising over the Rockies
Left my clothes out last night
 damp from the cool early morning
Gaber and I eat breakfast
 we are the early risers
We learned a fun fact found on our cereal box
1. There are more than 450 Ladybug species in North America
2. Adult Tree Swallows eat or feed their young over 300.00 insects
during their 45 day nesting period....impressive

and shine it did
eventually the sun rises
 morning is filled with promise
Enjoy your day.


  1. What a beautiful morning it is with you, thank you for sharing! x

  2. Beautiful! Hope you are having the most wonderful day!

  3. Such beauty as the day begins and I hope the rest of your day includes more to the same.

  4. I'm an early riser too, loved your morning as it gently unfolded :)


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