Pull me closer to love

My daughter tells me "you always have been happier in nature"
Focusing and enjoying on all the beauty outside- melts whatever is going on inside

It pulls me closer to love

a heart opener

the swimming hole a stone throw from our home
before you have time blink you're there.

Floating, swimming, dipping, sunning, reading, knitting
Peaceful the lake awaits
  I have to pinch myself- the wonder of it all
 a slice of heaven

the mountains like crowns high above 
the blue of sky
 all reflected in the water back up again
 it's magical
 Maybe our creator intended it this way...
our smiles reflected in the lake
 so he can see just how much we enjoy this beautiful world.
 ...all is forgotten and mostly forgiven
 life is too short
 to get wrapped up in whatever mess I'm in
it pulls me closer to love

Nature...this spot
wanting nothing in return
yes, but I am forever grateful

 An abundant gift from mother nature for everyone to enjoy

“Life isn't long enough to do all you could accomplish.
And what a privilege even to be alive.
In spite of all the pollutions and horrors, how beautiful this world is.
Supposing you only saw the stars once every year. Think what you would think.
The wonder of it!”
Tasha Tudor


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post...and the photos? Stunning. (Love the handstand!) Your words are so calming...you make me want to move to Montana, to live by you and Sarah...but the fact that I've never lived in snow, and only visited it maybe three times? That would be interesting, now wouldn't it? My son says he's moving to Montana...I wouldn't be surprised if he does. He's just 16...things could change...but he may just do it. :)

  2. Beautiful photographs, that peace!

  3. Stunning photos, as always, Camilla. You really do have a slice of heaven where you live. I love that quote at the end, too. I may have to borrow it sometime.

  4. Oh this place you live is just so stunning. Nature heals all, and I feel it every time I am near her. You have the most beautiful spot to soak up her beauty. Enjoy!

    PS Gorgeous photos as always. xo

  5. Just beautiful Camilla. I am with you on being happier in nature, it's soul touching. Every time I look at your photos I just want to jump in my car and drive to Montana, it's stunning.

    PS- I have spent the day in a spare room bagging up all kinds of junk, thank you for the motivation. It's been a little tough releasing some items I "felt" I needed to hold on to, but away they are going. :)

  6. That amazing spot could heal a lot of injuries. Beautifully photographed and great quote.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I think of Montana every. single. day. Nature and the solitude. I am seeking solitude..

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments :)

  9. oh camilla, i just want to make this post into a book and carry it with me always. it is so incredibly beautiful where you live. i am grateful for where i am, but it is a different kind of nature and solitude, yours looks like heaven.

  10. I love the deep sigh of contentment I have when I viewed this post. That water is so very clear and clean!! How lucky you are :)

  11. wonderful words and photos, so glad i found your blog through the knit along!
    living by a lake is kind of my dream life <3


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