Montana Country



I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.”
~ John Steinbeck

A beautiful time of year in Montana. Warm late summer days and cool clear starry nights. Fields are golden skies are blue. Breathing in the last days of summer bracing for the daunting winter season. Canadian geese are blown in by the wind...announcing autumn is on her way. So we enjoy our last longer days, by the lake, in the field, by the fire wrapped up in blankets. We wouldn't have it any other way- this is why we hold Montana so close to our heart.
The dance.
Embracing what she has to offer.

Life here is simple - leaving the complexities for the busy minds of city folk.
Here folks still say sir and ma'am, and my favorite; "Thank you kindly"
Cowboys are gentle yet strong minded with a twinkle in their eye and a smirk on their face when you're making a fool of yourself. Like Larry who stops by unannounced while I am out riding in the pasture- just to say hi and see me ride.
He carries two bales at a time- one in each hand, no gloves.
An afternoon well spent is still...sitting on the fence, a cold beer in hand- shooting the breeze with your neighbors.
There is a sweetness about Montana- something familiar and good.
It's true and real.

Montana Country has a big heart.... yet, not for the faint of heart.
Some say it takes grit and determination to get thru the winters.
Then....we are sweetly rewarded by the kiss of summer.
Wide open spaces- room to roam, fresh air, space to be without interruptions. Silence....quiet,
but mother nature will wake you up. Slumber while you can- Montana makes you feel alive.
It is wild.

We wonder with excitement and anticipation when will it finally start snowing...and when will it quit?

Dirt and dusty roads, starry nights, summers early morning sunrise, winters early afternoon sunsets, fresh scent of cedar and pine, meadow lark and blue birds. The crisp cool air, clear blue lakes and streams, jagged mountains, quaking aspens, grass gently swaying in the soft wind and warm summer nights filled with calls of whippoorwill. Colorful meadows painted with wild flowers, forests deep and green, snow softly falling and wind chill that would send a Polar bear south.

Hot sun on your back, a lousy trio of sweat, itch and arms sore after days of haying in the field. Wind scratching red cheeks, frosty hands, feeling chilled to the bone while the cold wind whips as deep snow is shoveled for days on end.

Nature has it's way - you either love it or hate it.
Montana is a love affair- you feel it in your heart, your soul.
It's a pull and push- a give and take.

You're in it.

But the truth is:
 you are here.
In the middle of nowhere.

...and there is nowhere I would rather be than in Montana Country.



  1. I can smell the crisp, clean air of that first photo. The second I saw it I took in a deep breath. Such a beautiful place.

  2. Gosh it is beautiful where you live. I will get there one day, with Reece in tow, and I can't wait! xo

  3. I would never leave...it's all beautiful and I'm glad to hear that manners are there too, it's the little things that add up to glorious!

  4. I wish I lived there now that I've visited with you. So pretty and filled with wonder!

  5. It is amazingly beautiful. Do you ever read Montucky's blog: http://montucky.wordpress.com/ One of my favorites.

  6. There is no where I'd rather be. Ive fallen..hard. So perfectly stated and spoken from the heart. I think of Montana every single day. Longing for her.. thank you for this..

  7. I swish wish wish I lived where you live x

  8. a beautiful post about your place in the world, makes me want to pack up and move :)


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