A week of wonder!

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.
~Russel Baker 

It's been such a wonderful week.....

 despite a little " swimmers itch " on my left side
 (you can Google it)
rare that we get it in Glacier because the water is so cold.
 Towards the end of summer
 no one is safe

Auggie turned 14 and we spent most of the day enjoying
 yeah you guessed it,
 the lake
Chef made delish "samiches"
pasta salad
and ice tea
for the beach
a 3 layered vanilla, coffee and chocolate ice-cream cake
 for the evening celebration

So hot and sunny

 My mother in law finally went home...... after a 5 WEEK LONG VISIT!!!!
I almost pulled a leg muscle doing cartwheels on the tarmac
...as she flew off to Montreal into the sunset
 I was SO happy!
 OMG ! What???!
- did I just say that???!
 hmmm...I guess I did :)
Tackled the kitchen and dining room with Mrs. Organizer
 feeling pretty great about that new clean fresh space...
just waiting for fall pies to be baked and served
...and devoured
...I had no idea I had so many lids to my pots...and a few extra ones to boot that were with out a pot?
 The things you hold onto.

 My hay barn is almost done- yippee skippy!
 No wet and wasted hay this year- last year was night mare.

 Found some great new patterns online for knit socks.

 Enjoying the dog days of summer
 cold salads
 white wine
no cooking

 We ate our share of ice cream - gallons it seems
 to put the sweltering summer  heat at bay

The kids found a little baby toad.
 I love toads
 Still miss Carl the chameleon in Kona

it's been a good week
I feel joyful swimming in each and every direction like mr. Toad. 

 How was your week?


  1. Happy birthday to your Auggie, it sounds like you had a great celebration. I would love to take a dip in cold water, the water here is like warm bath water, and gosh is the humidity high.
    I love the photos of the toad. I don't mind listening to toads sing, we have a lot here, but I am not fond when they jump on my feet, I'm just a wee bit afraid of them. ;)
    I'm still hard at work cleaning out, but there is no stopping me now, nothing is safe!

    1. I just got your post card today Tracey- Thank you so much. Beautiful place you live Tracey. Have a great weekend :)

  2. That spot, my friend, is my most favorite spot on this earth. Thanks for the view.. Hope you had some good rock combing too..xo

  3. Looks lovely as always... (I hope your mother in law doesn't read your blog!!)

  4. five weeks is four and a half too long. I thought my inlaw visits of two weeks was a long visit (back in the day, they do not visit anymore). I'd do cartwheels and break out the champagne :) Love your toad warts and all!! Happy birthday to your son!!


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