Hand Knit Wool Socks

Not I – Not anyone, can travel that road for you.
You must travel it for yourself – With comfy socks of course.
– Walt Whitman

Here's the deal...I had no clue it was this fun to knit socks!!!!

I am a fair isle sweater knitter
Growing up in Scandinavia I was taught by my grand mother Ninna when I was 6 years old
which led me to knitting in school under my desk
We didn't have a lot of money so it was nice way to add something new in my wardrobe
yarn was cheap
 and itchy
I would knit sweaters of all sorts
fair isle
 sometimes the arms were of different length and width
 but if I leaned a certain way it would look pretty good....
 I didn't care
 it was new it was colorful 
I was happy.

Unfortunately I killed my hands spinning art yarn a few years back
 I couldn't knit
for years,
 my hands hurt so badly
I crave knitting it's in my blood and I became so depressed.

This spring
 I picked up my needles and thought
just something small
 not the commitment of a full blown fair isle sweater.

not only are they fun and zippy to knit
I don't have to drag a huge bag around with 450 different kind of colorful yarns
and they are so comfy!!!!
 I indulge in affairs...
knitting affairs
Yes, most of the times I am knitting 3 different socks at one time
in different locations of the house
or outside
 at the lake and in the garden.

These were some of my first on the way to Hawaii- yeah I know, who knits in the tropics?
By the way most airlines will let you bring knitting on board- just check online with the airlines first.

These are your basic k3 p 1 or k2 p2

These are the Simple Skype socks- awesome pattern and fun, on the left.
Another k3 p1 on the right rib pattern but I like how these fit better they are longer.

They are all knit with Mountain Girl Yarns
 it doesn't take much to knit something so simple
that looks so cheery
 the color scape is doing the all the work

I did a few of the Wendy Toe up sock but I never mastered the ribbing
 it either chocked my leg
 or it fell down
I really wanted to knit the traditional sock
But honestly what held me back the most was
 the Kitchener stitch
My toes looked ridicules
 scrunched up and weird
 I hated the Kitchener stitch!
I do so much better watching someone give instructions than reading it.
Ta daaaaa!
So here you go- for any one who is having trouble with
 the Kitchener stitch
 a super "easy" video

...and now- well there is no stopping me!

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail –
I recommend you wear Merino wool socks though.
 – Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Hooray for sock knitting and what beautiful socks they are too.
    Sock knitting is the reason I learned to knit, it was always a dream of mine.
    I was in my forties when I picked up my first set of needles and now there is no stopping me :)

    1. weeeee......We are unstoppable, Tracey!

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  2. Bellissime, che soddisfazione! Ciao, buona settimana.

    1. Grazie, apprezzo il vostro gentile commento: hanno una settimana incantevole.

  3. Så vackra! Älskar färgerna och mönstret. Kram!

    1. Tack Karin, och jag alskar mina tra sko....he.he.

  4. Gorgeous socks, all of them. I have yet to knit socks, I am been a little afraid. I know I just need to dig in and knit them...soon.

  5. i KNEW we were kindred spirits!! Socks! wonderful socks! You can never ever have too many going on the needles!!!! And aren't they the perfect summertime project??!!?? Love each and every one of yours. :)

  6. meant to ask above.....will you be restocking your etsy shop any time soon?

    1. Kindred spirits, yes! I feel like ....yippie skippy socks!!!
      I am dying my yarn now and thinking that I will have it in the shop by sep-oct. I will post it on my blog too.

  7. LOVE this post camilla! and love all your socks, oh my goodness you have been busy sock knitter. i swore off socks many years ago, but now am feeling the pull to make them again. a few of the girls were making them in shetland and i knew i needed to too. now after seeing your handknit sock clog combo! that did it! wonderful.

    1. Do it Lori- it's fun, fast and easy...little commitment, like Steph said perfect summer knitting.

  8. those quotes are just awesome, Walt Whitman is kind of the wisest <3
    super super pretty socks, glad it means you can knit again :)

    1. Hi Lea, Yep I 'm a big fan of Whitman...and now socks :)

  9. The socks are so pretty. The yarn is gorgeous too. Did you hand dye this wool? :)

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yes I did, they are from my co. Mountain Girl Yarns.

  10. now that is quite the sock post! photo after photo I drooled over your socks :) I love knitting them and always having a pair on the needles, but I have to be careful to not over do it with the dpns...

  11. Wow love all your socks!! I'm about to start my first toe-up pair - my kitchener stitch always looks so messy.
    I have two pairs of clogs too - red and black and I love wearing handknit sock with them.

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