Little Dresses For Africa

There has been a whirl wind of cleaning
and organizing in my home lately.
I am learning to let go

I LOVE  material,
especially vintage material
 this was one of the toughest things that I had to let go of.
 A few years back I found a beautiful charity that it is close to my heart
" pillow case dresses"
  I made and shipped out a few to these little girls.

This crossed my mind once again when I saw how much material I had.
 Though much of it was donated to the local thrift
 a little was held on to and made into pillow case dresses.

So I cut and sewed these little cuties
hopeing some little girl might have better day wearing one
 feeling loved and special

 They are easy and fun to make

 Once finished they are sorted in sizes

 Then shipped to Michigan to be further distributed

If you or someone would like to do this
you can find the pattern
 and all the other information


  1. What cute little dresses Camilla and for such a worthy cause too. I don't sew, although I wish I did, but I do have a in person good friend who does and I think she would love this so I can't wait to share.

  2. Those are the cutest little dresses, and the fabric is gorgeous. What a wonderful thing to do, thank you for sharing the link to such a special cause.

  3. I wish I sewed more often but I'm a knitter through and through. Those dresses are adorable and the packaging is what makes it so special! You have a big warm heart :)

  4. I love thst cause...your little dresses are adorable.

  5. such sweet little dresses. i can only imagine the big smiles those will bring!

  6. Those are super cute dresses and look fairly easy to make. What a great way to clean out your fabric.

  7. we took some of these little pillowcase dresses with us when we went to Kenya last year....and were pretty excited to see a lot of the little girls in the orphanage wearing some they had received previously. They are extremely popular....very cute....and it always does you heart good to know that these kind of things actually get to where you hope they will go!!! I hadn't thought to make more since we're not planning another mission trip there until next year.....thanks for the address. A great way to use up some of my fabric, too! (Why do I have so much fabric when I don't sew????????????)

    1. This is good to hear Steph- because you do wonder if they will arrive and given to the girls :)

  8. Wow, bless your heart. How adorable!


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