Knitting by the lake

At the lake I love to bring knitting and a good book.
 I finished 1 sock from the
Mountain Girl Yarns
It's easy, fast and fun to knit.
 "The Writing Life " by Annie Dillard
A book about writing, what it means to write
I love her perspective and her thoughts- very interesting
So what are you knitting and reading?


  1. I wish I had a lake or ocean to knit beside. That would be lovely!! As always I enjoy seeing what you are working on :)

  2. I must be the slowest sock knitter around! Lovely yarn. I can't wait for your shop to open, i've got my eye on some pinky stuff!

  3. Your blog is consistently one of my favorites in the yarn along link up - I'm adding you to my reader feed so I catch more of your daily posts. Not to mention your yarn! So lovely. Did you add the ribbing independently to that sock pattern? The link shows no ribbing at the cuff but yours is really much prettier.

  4. It must be fun to knit at a lake. Wishing that I had a lake to sit and knit at. Happy knitting! :)

  5. You have your lake, I have the beach, they are both soothing, yes?

  6. Lake side is one of the best places to knit, in my opinion. Your wool is gorgeous!

  7. I love the different textures in the pattern. I crocheted my first pair of socks last winter, and even though it seemed to take much longer than I expected, you're making me want to make another pair!

  8. beautiful yarn!!! (I just cast on for a shawl with my gift yarn....it's knitting up beautifully!!!!!!)

  9. Loving the yarn and the sock pattern. What do you think of the book? I am taking a writing course right now and I want to get into the writing a little bit more.

    1. Hi Kathleen, worth while read- I am only 1/3 way but enjoy how she writes- this is not a "how to" book it's about the life of writing. I think you would enjoy it :)

  10. My mom went to summer camp with Annie Dillard. 'An American Childhood' is one of my favorites.. Your socks are lovely Camilla..xo


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