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Any one who knows me...knows that I am always in search of the perfect color. I love to design, decorate and dream up new and really " non important" things to do/add to the house- just because...well, because I love it.
When we moved into our home it was pretty "vanilla " after living here for close to 7 years it has our stamp on it- The kitchen had the most awful blue laminate counters- the walls were painted your standard Navajo white and no back splash. Last year Pierre and I had the tile back splash put in and also the stainless steel counter tops put in- we love to cook and it gets messy- they the counters wipe off easily. I have had several colors on my kitchen wall- lime green (love lime) and currently it is mustard yellow...I don't like how it blends in with the wood trim and cabinets.
This weekend I am rolling up my sleeves and painting again- I found a beautiful paint swatch and had Neil (I am on first name basis with the paint guys in town) match it - he doesn't even blink when I walk thru the doors any longer- he knows that I mean business.
The color I chose is very "unlike" me and I am a bit scared. I am very influenced these days by Scandinavian design and am willing to take more risks after going home and seeing how beautiful they make their dwellings.

I will be back with the reveal next week.
...here goes nothing.......

“Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.”
Charles M. Schultz


  1. You have one of those big fluffy seat like Lori. They look so comfy. Maybe I should take a picture of my Living Room Wall and let you help me pick out a color. It desperately needs to be painted. I said once the pool is closed I'm going to start painting the house. I can't believe the pool will be closed in two weeks. BTW your kitchen is beautiful and good luck with the painting.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! Looking forward to the reveal :)

  3. please come paint my house. We cannot decide on a color that we agree on so we leave everything as it is...crazy! Love your kitchen!!

  4. I love to paint! I have paint samples taped to three walls in my house right now to see if I really like them.
    Your kitchen is amazing and I love the counter tops. I have been looking at doing concrete, but now I may have to borrow your idea.
    Have fun painting and I can't wait to see it all done.

  5. omg i love your home, it's beautiful camilla. it's so warm and welcoming, i think it would be that way whatever color you paint. have fun making the magic this weekend sweetie!

  6. You have a very pretty kitchen. The yellow is definitely "blah". I can't wait to see what you choose to make it pop! I see so many possibilities!

  7. Good luck and have fun!
    I love your picture with the horses :)

  8. Well, it must be in the air. We've been painting and painting. All DARK colors. I absolutely love it. I can hardly wait to see what you choose. It feels really good that you are back. I am one of your groupies, I think. Pretty funny, huh?
    Also, I love how you tell stories with your pics. Last week they were so evocative, so full of life, even though no one was there, except you of course.


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