...it's in the water


When I was a kid I wished Neptune was my dad, so strong & brave and had the ocean as his kingdom. Fascinated with the ocean, Jacque Cousteau of course was one of my hero's - following along on his new adventures and discoveries. In high school I saw Big Blue and was completely smitten - l.o.v.e. These days every vacation we plan is around water- the ocean is always the highlight....always. First thing I do is, dive in.

The other day Fog horn was sick, stomach flu- head cold the whole thing. Little guy asked if taking a bath would help - getting in the water. I said that would most likely make him feel much better.

He spent the whole day in the tub, in the water- playing Legos, reading, playing battle ship or just lying still - he had tea and ginger ale served "tub side". The water made him feel better.
I spoke to mom a few days later on the phone and told her about how Foghorn felt better in the tub...she told me of course he would - not surprised at all....that is what you used to do as a kid- every time you were feeling sick or ill you would submerge yourself in water- weather it be the tub or the pool.

It's in the water...

Do you have something that you are drawn too in nature- makes you feel better?


  1. Beautiful photo's. Wonderful writing. Inspired.

  2. Your photos are stunning. I am drawn to water too, if I can find a place by the water, I am one happy soul.

  3. I never really thought about it Camilla, but yes, I am drawn to the water. When I need peace or just a place to think I head to the beach, there is something about the sound of the waves crashing on shore that touches me deep.

  4. Beautiful photos. I too love being near water, but all of nature inspires me; the trees, the sky, clouds, flowers, etc.

  5. oh goodness. i grew up with a Jacque Cousteau loving dad. growing up on the ocean with a scuba diving/surfing water man like my father gave me a deep love of water too. i feel just like you camilla. one of my favorite places is hawaii, every time i go it doesn't feel like i'm there until i jump in the ocean. (my youngest is the same way when she comes home for a visit, in the water she HAS to go!)

    gorgeous photos!

  6. my husband loves the water he tries to be in the pool every single day, I am more of a land lover but I do get rejuvenated by nature walks and birds singing and the smell of trees and pines.

  7. i can do the tub. not a fan of fresh water swimming. too many snakes when i was growing up, i guess. i do enjoy a hiking and being up in the mountains.

  8. Love to tub with a good book. Love the coasts of the North and West. Woodswoman at heart...grew up in, live in, want to hike in, sleep in, disappear in, follow a trail in the w.o.o.d.s. Hope Foghorn is better. Nothing like a tub to set him right.


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