Yarn along

On pintrest I saw this really lovely and simple sweater
the pattern is Silk Grey I am knitting with yarn from Norway.
nope...I am not reading Shakespeare,
 I am reading Duck Commander- not just because I love the show so much
  impressed with this family -
 how they have risen from hardship having so little and become entrepreneurs 
 still kept their faith and continue to stay so close
and have so much fun together.
Knitting "Silk Grey"with yarn from Norway.
 Gjestedals Vestlands Garn was bought in a supermarket in Geilo.
Not very glamorous but that is how and where you can find your basic wool yarn. Everything in Norway is uber expensive but this was only...18.00 kr - which translates to about $3.00
can't beat that!

...and here are the finished mittens that I spun the yarn for.
Yipee skippy!
What's on your stix?

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  1. Your mittens are gorgeous!

  2. Oh I love that show too. Love those mittens. I'm jealous of that yarn.

  3. I love the idea of your hand spun mittens. I have so much handspun yarn I think I will turn it into some mittens :) The sweater patterns looks wonderful. My husband almost bought that book to take camping with us. It is one of our favorite shows.

  4. your sweater will be so lovely and wearable, and those mitts! oh my goodness i love them so much, you are an amazing spinner and knitter camilla.

    my mil insisted we watch the show, and now i know why, LOVE.

  5. Oh, those mitts are gorgeous. Truly. Love the Norwegian yarn and that you're not reading Shakespeare. :)

  6. Your mittens are adorable! I just love to knit with hand spun. $3 a skein for yarn? You can't beat that!

  7. duck dynasty is so very popular here and i still haven't seen an episode.

    that sweater will be amazing. if for whatever reason you don't like it when done, i'll happily take it off your hands ;-)

  8. Adorable mittens! and the sweater will be wonderful!
    Your blog is beautiful! I will return!

  9. All my guys love Duck Dynasty, watching the show, reading the books, growing the beards, calling with duck calls..the list goes on.

    I went and took a peek at your pattern, it's wonderful. And you bought yarn at the market? That is so cool.

    I do love your mittens, and the yarn you made is just perfect.

  10. That is going to be one lovely sweater. Love the mitts!

  11. oh those mitts! How lovely they turned out. Interesting to hear you can buy yarn at a supermarket. I wouldn't mind that one single bit. Love the light blue grayish yarn, reminds me of pale blue skies with white clouds.

  12. I love your mitts the colours are beautiful they look really warm and cosy.


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