Sogne Fjord

 A lovely trip we took was from Geilo to Voss.
 We  took the ferry from Kaupanger to Flam to get there.
 This area of Sogne fjorden is the most narrow of all the fjords.
About a 2 1/2 hr. ride.

French guy feeding the seagulls

This French bird whisperer was so nice to our boys and showed them how to do it.
However Fog horn didn't quite make it - due to height restrictions, hehe...

My uncle told me that they build the churches on the "sunny side" of the fjord... where the sun rises
 to attract the locals to come to service. ( I thought that was pretty clever)
Here they all have arrive by boat.

You'd be amazed by the lush green and the farm land here- the left image is how we dry out hay in Scandinavia

Typical wooden boat

and of course the rushing of the waterfalls was always present
Sheep are grazing they all had baby lambs- so cute.

Tourists...not so cute
except for the little dude on the right.
It is high season in Scandinavia on this commuter ferry alone I heard, French, Italian, Spanish, Icelandic, Japanese
-who knew that they all would think Norway is that interesting?

At every turn there was something new to discover

like a water fall

Impressive this beautiful country
so happy my family could experience this.


  1. What beautiful scenery! I can see why boats are the transportation of choice. It would be really hard to build roads through those bluffs.

  2. So beautiful.. Now I see why you call Montana home.

  3. I know why you miss home-beautiful photos!! I know why you are re-inspired as well :)

  4. Beautiful! My mother-in-law's parents immigrated to the U.S. from Norway. She and I like to dream about taking a trip to Norway one day.


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