Summer afternoon in Montana




Over the hills and far away.....
Having a fun summer day hiking Danny On trail
with family and friends on Big Mountain
Have a lovely weekend.


  1. It's all so beautiful where you live Camilla. Thank you for taking us on the hike, I loved seeing all the beautiful sites.

  2. oh how i would love to hike there! it is spectacular where you live. mountain bikes go up the ski lift? and you only have to ride down? that is convienent!

  3. That is a summer afternoon I want to experience one day. Stunning!

  4. Love how your pup squints and sniffs into the air, I think all dogs do that! You had a beautiful outing and thanks for Sharing :)

  5. Your beautiful images somehow make me homesick, yet I have never been to Montana. What a lovely hike.

  6. I have always loved your blogs for this very reason, you take me on a trip and I enjoy it so very much! b


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