summer garden

Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration. 
~Lou Erickson

I love my flower garden...it's easy, perennials
Poppies, daisies, purple coneflower, stock, columbine, yarrow, blue bells, flax, peonies, liatris, phlox
 roses and lavender- lots of lavender
so nice to have something that is effortless and that shows up every year
The blooms that grow work well in our Montana climate so there isn't much fuss
- just simplicity and beauty...I think
It took a little work to get it all together on this farm land- but now that is done it is truly a little gift
The garden fence is made from recycled wood that hubby brought home from construction site back in the day, floor boards, siding etc. all mixed together
 very organic
 My clothes line is next to the garden so I can enjoy the blooms while hanging the wash to dry
becomes less of a chore
Nothing was really planned or thought out
The aspens have now grown tall and gives off lovely shade on the hot summer days
love hearing their leaves quake and rustle in the wind.
the birds seem to love it here and splash in their bird bath, frequent stops for the humming birds and butterflies.
This little spot is where I can read, have coffee with my mom, spin yarn, play with my dogs
kids and I love to stretch out on the grass and look up at the sky
Do you have a flower garden? 
In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy. 
~Robert Brault,


  1. Beautiful! We do have a flower garden, with many of the same flowers you have. And like you not that planned out, it is kinda wild and crazy and smells heavenly. We love it!

  2. We have a tiny flower bed filled with lemon balm, phlox, mums. In one corner of the yard we have a butterfly bush that we planted last year and the butterflies are now discovering, soon a hummingbird will as well-my fingers are crossed. Lovely images, I wish blogs had aroma buttons so I can catch a whiff of your flowers!!!

  3. A few years ago I collected seeds from my friend's prairie to start my own. This year our little prairie has finally taken off. It's not very big but I love walking along the edge of of it and watching all of the bees buzzing in and out. Sometimes the deer sleep in it too.


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