Borgund Stave kirke

It was a perfect cloudy Norwegian summer day- still snow on the mountain tops. Two hours drive from Geilo driving thru this lush green narrow valley ...and then...
it appeared.

Borgrund Stav Kirke
It took my breath away
this medieval beauty
just resting there so quietly

Surrounded by people who found hope and comfort here
a beautiful and picturesque spot for this magnificent stave church
Did you know you will only find Stave churches in Norway?
They work very hard at preserving them

Fascinated with the dragons
 absolutely love all the detail

Built around 1180- it was dedicated to the apostle Andrew
The architectural style is Romanesque and Gothic

Sprayed down with tar to preserve the timber that was used to build this lovely church

It is truly something spectacular

There are very, very old graves
but we also came across some recent ones
 many families are buried here together
It was a very quite morning
 even my kids were still
As I walked around I looked at the graves and had tears in my eyes reading the grave stones
some had a little more to say about the person and their life
others were just a simple name and date.

One of the highlights of my trip home
 I am very grateful and proud that this is part of my heritage
To experience this and take it all in

Do you have a special place in this big world that left you in awe?


  1. It takes my breathe away too! How amazing and I can see why you are so proud.
    My awe place is the ocean.... the sight, the sound, the smell, it all touches me deep.

    1. I'm with you- love the ocean Tracey, it never gets old and always changing.

  2. Gorgeous! Every time you post about your visit back home it amazes me that waited so long to go back :) I like being in the woods with stillness and trees and a gentle wind. (add low humidity and the fall season and I'm super happy!)

    1. Every time I wanted to go home I was expecting another baby- it's just so far away I wanted the babies/kids to be a little older. Seriously though 19 years...yeah, that is a little long.
      I agree with the woods- nothing more lovely.

  3. Wow! Breathtaking. One day I will visit your beautiful country.

    My awe place would be the first time I visited Banff and hit the top of the Canadian Rockies, I felt so insignificant in that moment against the beauty of Mother Nature.

    1. Another one on y bucket list- been to Banff as a kid but want to return someday now that I'm a big kid- beautiful I bet Kim.

  4. Awe, what a beautiful church!
    My first awe place were the mountains in France.
    Others places are the buildings of Gaudi in Barcelona, Paris,
    Gambia and the Woods where I live.

    1. I have always wanted to go see Gaudi in Barcelona- sounds wonderful.

  5. Stunning. Can't imagine what it would feel like to be there in its presence.
    Awe=In a deep woodland glacial valley, next to a creek, under the twining of the rhododendron, where I found the giant fossil of a Lepidodendron, and waited with breath held for a brontosaurus to come ambling out...

    1. That sounds ah-mazing... Leigh.
      I think I would be levitating.

  6. My heart is touched not only the magnificent structure but the words and thoughts you share with us, these we would have never known, otherwise. Thank you Camilla for being you.
    xoxo Bobbie C.

  7. Oh Camilla! So beautiful! This sounds like an amazing trip! Can I just tell you how I wanted so badly to visit Norway when we were in Sweden? We tried to make it part of our trip but just couldn't fit it in. Which just means we will have to go back to see the amazing fjords. You will be the first on my list to tell me where to go:) XO

  8. this is utterly amazing. i love the history of Borgrund Stav Kirke, and completely agree, it would take my breath away too. how i would love to visit and see this magnificent place, but for now i'm grateful you've shared. i love travel and learning about our world so much, real life or armchair (as in books and blogs)i love it all.

    inspiring awe...places that brought tears to my eyes...standing at the edge of the grand canyon, yosemite (awesome), the channel islands (my heart), flying over victoria falls, carrizo plain (where my spirit guide lives). i love so much, the ocean (i've lived beside it all my life)and the mountains, the desert. and so much more. i love the epic grandness and the smallest detail, a wildflower, a pebble a leaf. oops, i'm getting teary thinking about this subject. i'm so glad you were able to have this awesome experiance camilla! looking forward to more norway!

  9. This is just amazing. I can see why they take such pride in preserving it. I just want to keep going back and looking at your pictures. I can't imagine being there in person!


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