How do spell Love - Piglet
You don't spell it, you feel it- Pooh
 I don't know if it's the year of the sheep
can't put my finger on it- feeling a renewed energy

 Mother nature is giving her best
nature is remarkable

 cool winter air so fresh and cleansing
  storms roll in from the west
 north winds whipping thru my hair as I do chores

  bright sun on my face that my body and soul craves this time of year
clear starry nights

peaceful at times

 life is just a little sweeter this year

Letting things fall and fall apart where they may- leaves room for love
love starts finding it's way back in.
 little things in their grandeur
 sun rising over the mountain
catching snow flakes with my tongue
 warmth of the fire
walking miles with a dear friend
  laughter and a few tears
 it feels familiar
sweet warm nuzzle from my horse
hugs from my children
hot tea with lemon
my mothers voice
the twinkle in my husbands eye


Hunting and gathering
...little treasures keep finding themselves in my pockets these days
gifts from the earth
 collected and cherished
 something I did in my childhood
 a fallen leaf part of a forest, a feather that one day belonged to a mother or brother...
 a rock that was part of a stream
 I am reminded that we all belong
 to someone

It all adds up
 it comes and flows freely
 full circle
 it starts...and ends there
I am feeling it these days

I hope you are too......


  1. I enjoy my visits here so much Camilla. Reading your words, gazing at your photos, drooling over your yarns, yes, just what I needed on a grey morning. Enjoy the day my friend!

  2. what a lovely post....and those photos!!! You have no idea how much I needed this this morning!!!!

  3. So beautiful, Camilla. All of it. Beautiful. :) XO

  4. so beautiful! your photos, the yarn mandalas, your musing. Love it.

  5. Simply beautiful Camilla, your photos and your words. xo

  6. I always enjoy your post but this one. .. it really touched me because even when we don't feel it, LOVE is everywhere.
    Thanks for the reminder :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  7. I'm feeling it !!!! this is such a beautiful post, Camilla...have a great weekend.

  8. love is every where all you have to do is look. Love seeing your creations nestled amid nature.

  9. I love to find the little things in nature that are often overlooked.

  10. Thank you. This is a beautiful, just beautiful. A perfect end to an imperfect day.

  11. Oh most definitely, dear Camilla. Your stone circles are evocative of a beautiful, well-lived life, full of love. What goes around comes around. All the best to you & your loves this weekend!


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