Burnt toast and nature

 Early morn I was eating breakfast
 Fog horn files in, sits down- still a little sleepy
 Not quite ready to seize the day 
 I offer to make him breakfast
 eggs & toast
The milk on the table and the eggs are served
 he gets the toast himself.
Foghorn;  My toast is burnt!!!!!!!
Camilla : What's the big deal?
Foghorn: Dad says burnt toast gives you hair on your chest!!!!
Camilla : really, are both sides burnt?
 Foghorn; Yes... no wait, one side isn't as burnt.
Camilla; Oh good , then eat that side then.
Fog horn; ?????!!!
Confused...he eats the toast- with the "not so burnt" side up
 you always have to be one step ahead of these guys.....he.he

Later on that morning we decided to go for a walk.
Checking out our summer swimming hole
 Still a little on the chilly side

This river runs thru Glacier Park.
In summer it is filled with happy people, swimming, floating or rafting.
 ....all that was floating was ice.
We went deeper in the forest and found a little gurgling, sputtering creek
 and played there for a while
 When we came home we set out a few of the treasures we found.
 Pinecones, a fallen birds nest with tiny yellow feathers I might add
 a cedar branch, birch bark and a few rocks tree moss that looks like a troll beard.

As sweet and simple as burnt toast


  1. Is that a fixer upper little home just waiting for me? ;)
    I think my heart belongs in Montana too Camilla, I love each and every one of your photos!

  2. That's it, I am starting to plan a trip to your part of the world, goodness it is stunning. I am in awe of the beauty outside your door.

    Love the conversation with Foghorn :)

  3. My grandpa used to say, "Here, eat some carrots."
    But I don't like carrots, grandpa.
    "You should eat them anyways, they'll put hair on your chest."
    Grandpa! But I'm a girl!!
    And his eyes would twinkle.

  4. How funny about that toast! Mom used to tell me to eat the crust from my bread too otherwise I would not grow breasts. It's a funny saying in dutch because it rhymes: geen korstjes, geen borstjes ( no crusts, no breasts). :-)

  5. OMG..so much beauty!!.. even the butter and jam tugged on me (hehe...love that story!!!)

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  7. A lovely story, accompanied by such stunning photos. You could have lots of visitors............

  8. Oh my goodness - what a chuckle I had over the directions to eat with the other side up - clever momma:) Thank you so much for talking us on your little walk, it was ALMOST as good as being there in person! Wishing you a lovely weekend, Camilla, full of life's little blessings (like lingonberry jam - YUMYUMYUM and tiny yellow feathers!) XO

  9. a little piece of heaven! beautiful!!!! (my hubby won't eat the heels of bread.....when I fix his sandwich, I put the outer part of the heel inside the sandwich, and he has yet to notice. Now I have a new trick with burnt toast!!! :) )

  10. Great post and beautiful photos as usual :)

    Lluisa xoxo

  11. I always serve the burnt side down! Not sure if they ever noticed but it's been working for years! Happy weekend!

  12. Absolutely wonderful story.. Egg on Toast is one of my faves too. You pictures make my heart yearn for Montana. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. over here my gram would say that eating bread crust gave you curly hair :) love the photos and that fallen nest is so sweet. Do you know what bird?

  14. Stunning photos. Made my morning. I am envious of your snow as we have missed out on every system that has passed through our area this year.

  15. How pretty and I love that little cabin!

  16. Your mug rocks. And so does Montana! And Foghorn. What a fun day. xx

  17. My God, you live in a gorgeous part of the world!


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