Young Guns

Thursday morning things are running pretty smoothly at our house, even though Auggie has a blasted cold and feeling grumpy, he gets up.
 Foghorn who is 9 has been up since 5:30 am and is almost ready to jump in the car. The mornings can be very rushed at our house, we have a long distance to drive. Walking out the door to turn on the car, a screech comes from the bath room. Foghorn comes running out
Foghorn- Auggie dropped the toothpaste in the toilet- and I just went pee.
Camilla- why did you go to pee then if you saw the toothpaste in the toilet
Foghorn-  I had too- I don't want to stick my hand in the toilet to get the toothpaste mom.

I just waited...waited to see how this would play out.

 The next thing I knew they were both in the bathroom mumbling.
 Feeling rushed I asked if they got the tooth paste  out of  the toilet.
- ever asked a 14 year old to retrieve something from the toilet- not gonna happen.

So I put on my red cape and rolled up my sleeve and dove in, got the toothpaste and the then the cap- thinking supremely lovely thoughts - threw away them both flushed down the pee water and washed my hands 5 times in soapy scalding hot water while sing happy birthday each time.
(I was taught that is the appropriate amount of time to wash your hands to remove bacteria )

So now we head to school- sun rising over the mountain- life is good.
Not so fast cowboy.....
...yeah no.....it gets better.

Drop Auggie off, then when I drop Foghorn off I notice a missed phone call on my cell phone from deputy Iversen ( not his real name)

He had left a message that I needed to call him right away.
Deputy Iversen and another "not so happy "officer had responded to a 911 call from our house- where he heard kids talking about toothpaste!

I told Foghorn to sit tight not to leave until I rang him up, who was turning a rather pale grey- with a stern look I asked him if he knew anything about this?
Petrified he shakes his head.

I knew deputy Iversen, he has been to my house a few years back when I was victim to check fraud. He came by to check on me.... the nicest cop ever.

An incoming text from my daughter said: two cops had been at the house and to expect a phone call from them. 
Good greif!
Deputy Iversen answered- they had received a phone call this am and heard little boys voices about toothpaste, he did respond to the call and spoke to Sophia who was speechless- but not surprised
-yeah that sounds like my brother.

 I told him what happened about the toothpaste that had fallen into the pee water in the toilet  and the dilemma my 2 young guns were faced with....I guess Foghorn thought this was an emergency and the law enforcement should help deal with the situation since Auggie was less than enthusiastic diving into the toilet bowl.....I apologized up and down and assured him this would never happen again, Deputy Iversen chuckled and said yeah I have kids too.

...what a relief.

Outdoor facility from the 1600 in Stallheim Norway - makes you appreciate plumbing

I called chef- who was in the middle of breakfast service, telling him this was the worst morning ever, I was laughing so hard I was crying ( probably still in shock and disbelief of what just went down)

Thank you dear God for these days
I love my boys so much- they keep me sane.
this is what memories are made of!

I do not condone that the youngest  who (obviously) decided to call the cops on his bother- but if you are in my shoes - you could possibly understand that Foghorn was in a pickle and felt this was an emergency.

This will never happen again I will assure them of that, both of my Young Guns will be dealing with "Annie get your gun" when I pick them up this afternoon from school...even if I have to look away with a smirk on my face..


  1. Gotta love raising boys! Just think of all the wonderful stories you will have to share with their children one day.
    Have a great weekend Camilla!

  2. Oh goodness Camilla, this will go down a family story you will share with the grand kids years from now :) Enjoy your weekend.

  3. LOL! I just read your tale, then re-read it out loud to my husband... this made my day. Not your troubles of course, but the fact that everyone has about as much crazy as we do in their homes at one point or another. Give it 2-3 years, I'll probably have similar stories to share.

    Have a great week-end Camilla.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale :0) I have boys also...and the stories are something I'll treasure always! mari

  5. Ha! Sounds like something that would happen at our house! Glad you could laugh about it! Have a much better weekend!

  6. Oh wow!!!! that it's so funny, I am sure you will remember forever and it will be a good story to tell for a good years to come :)

    Have a great weekend!!

    Lluisa xoxo

  7. You have put a smile on my face, thank you. I have just sat down after a long day and I read this wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Hahaha! this SO could have happened at my house, Camilla. I am completely impressed by your ability to handle it all with a smile - happy friday to you! xo

  9. too funny !!! and you are a brave mom for dipping in !!!
    have a great weekend Camilla

  10. What a way to start the day, Camilla! I'm sure that won't happen again, the toothpaste or the 911 call.

  11. best story ever!!!!!!!! made my morning!!!!! and you are so right.....this one is going down in family history and will retold for YEARS and YEARS to come!!! Love it!

  12. Ha ha, be glad Foghorn had not pooped.
    A story you will never forget ;)

  13. This is hysterical! You should submit it to some magazines!

  14. Oh goodness this made me laugh, Camilla. As you know, we are laughing with you. ;)
    I pulled similar if not worse things on my parents when I was growing up.

  15. I truly love how you handle life's everyday ups & downs, Camilla. I truly strive to be more like you. xx


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