Life's a beach

Glorious day at the beach
We enjoyed a sunny Sunday at the beach with the fam and Lilly.
The water recedes in the winter time
and rises in the summer as the glaciers melts and pours into the lake
 A bird sanctuary on the shores of Flathead Lake at Big Fork only open to public till March 31
  A favorite and sacred spot of the Flathead Indians
 if you are lucky you might find arrow head along the shore
 Surrounded by this natural beauty with Swan Mountains in the back ground
 this is truly a magical place
you really notice the meaning of Big Sky Country
 where the eagles soar
  the space to feel free
and be a goof ball dancing on a log...like my daughter.
Life's a beach.


  1. The weather is truly crazy! You are all in sweatshirts while we are freezing our butts off! Great pictures as always!

  2. what an incredibly beautiful day you had.....I felt like I was flipping through a calendar; these photos are simply stunning!!!

  3. Wow, your photos are just stunning. Those skies............

  4. Looks awesome! Love the eagle :)

  5. Seems like you had a wonderful beach day! Lovely!

  6. Yes, yes, yes Camilla, life is a beach. I'm glad you were able to visit yours.

  7. what an outing! and that eagle you captured reminds me of when we lived in the UP of MI we would see them while driving home :) Loved that!

  8. How beautiful! Love those tree-trunks and the sky indeed looks wide and big :-)

  9. Absolutely stunning photos!!

    Happy week!

    Lluisa xoxo

  10. with all that sunshine and gorgeousness... who needs Hawaii (or any southern destination...)????
    what beautiful pictures you take!!!

  11. Stunning! Is it common to spot bald eagles in the wild?

    1. Yes very, we have a couple that live next to our property- they are all over NW Montana.

  12. Wow, Camilla, these are the kind of days to remember always, how beautiful - and fun! Your bald eagle photos are amazing - I saw one last week that nearly made my heart stop, they are such powerful birds. xo

  13. I would definitely join in on such a trip! The bird prints in the wet sand made me smile. Looks like a really fun escape!

  14. These pictures took my breath away!


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