Take time to look

...and then the day came, I finally got to see her original work up close
 a little piece of the world thru her eyes
Privileged to enjoy a few rare photographs and paintings
on loan from a private collector.
 Overcome with emotion and misty eyed
 I floated thru the gallery
savoring it all
 like a lemon drop
I took the time to look.

Take time to look...
 -Georgia O'Keeffe



  1. how lucky! I love her art work and I cannot imagine how wonderful it was to see it for real. Beautiful.

  2. Amazing!!!! So glad you had this opportunity.

  3. How special and I know an exhibit you will treasure getting to see.

  4. Looks like a beautiful collection. I love her paint box!!

  5. did you discover her in New Mexico??? Supposedly she love that place and returned frequently to paint. Thank you for sharing...I would love to visit this exhibit...but your pics are the next best thing.

  6. Oh lucky you! G.O. is such an incredibly inspiring woman, I'm so happy you got to see her work in person. I've no doubt it was a powerful and moving experience just like you describe, thank you for sharing this special part of your trip with us, Camilla. xo

  7. So beautiful! Glad you got to see her work !!!

  8. oh, so, so amazing. I love O'Keeffe!

  9. I had the same reaction when seeing Georgia's work in person. It touches your soul. Love that you got to see it.


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