Finding Taos

 Along this long windy and winding road by the river...it leads us to Taos.
 They call it the low road.

The following morning...early according to the kids, 6 am
 we jumped in the car
due north
I was going to Taos or bust!

 This magic land that I have read and heard about so much about
needed to be explored!
  From the back seat came a scream...
Foghorn alerted us that there was a hole in the earth!
 It's the Rio Grande Gorge

  The mountains were calling our name-
we actually blazed thru the town of Taos and headed straight for the hills

 This scenic road brought us right up to Taos ski valley
 Imagine that?
  We just left Montucky and right back into it again- the mountains and the snow that is...

  Don't panic!
what do you mean???
we should have brought our skiis!!!
 This is definitely the time to panic!
  9500 above sea level
 whew doggy!
 yours truly got altitude sick
I felt so light headed

 After spending too much money in the ski shops
and enjoying fabulous coffee and organic banana bread slope side
 we hit the road towards town again

 eeeeeeeeappp! the colors
 The charming architecture

 ...this has my name all over it!
 Old Churches
 and finally the plaza
 filled with tourist
 pushy shop owners
 numerous vibrantly painted Skelton's
 and an exaggerated amount of stuff and souvenirs
 endless art galleries of sunrises and sunsets
 over priced yarns
 overpriced everything
 it was all a blur to me
We all seek different things when we travel
 have expectations
 yearn for epic experiences
 learn new things-meet new people
 writing this with an honest hand from my own personal perspective
with all the hype that this place has stirred up
 I leave disappointed
but then again I was only here for a short amount of time

Back to wide open spaces and nature for me
Off to explore the Rio Grande and hopefully the "Earth ship" community



  1. wow Camilla... the Rio Grande looks incredible!!! and i'd love to hear/see what you thought of Earth ship... i've heard so much great things about it. Have you ever watched the movie called "Off the Map" - one of my favourites set in New Mexico.

    1. Erica I rented the movie for tonight - it looks SO good, thanks for the tip!

  2. What amazing skies, what beautiful views. There are so many wonderful places to visit in the world sometimes the armchair is the only place I might see some of them :). Thank you so much for sharing.

    I hear you on the tourist traps and the expensive shops, we have a few of them round our way as I live in a touristy area. Once you know where to avoid you can still capture the beauty of a place.

    1. Absolutely- the open spaces and nature is something that will always live in my heart.

  3. beautiful images and my you did have the sights! I love how the mountains opened up and I love to shop in shops but tend to only buy the unusual "affordable" items. Glad you shopped the ski shops!

    1. ...and I did, get a few unusual items and I did get to see Georgia and that was wonderful.

  4. I'm sorry that you left there disappointed Camilla. It's so sad when we have expectations that don't live up to the hype, but it looks like you saw some very pretty scenery!
    And that truck, yes, I do like that truck.

    1. Scenery was amazing- I loved every minute of it.

  5. Wow thank you for bringing us along :)

  6. Oh my goodness, just wonderful. What amazing photos. I think I have a new state to add to my list of places to visit :) Did you get to the earth ship community?

    Thanks for taking us along Camilla, it is all so beautiful and stunning.

    1. Never got to visit...but I did meet someone who lives there and she told me about it. New Mexico was truly a an experience Kim.

  7. I love that "Don't Panic" sign at the ski hill. I think you are the kind of traveler that I am - you find joy in the empty spaces away from all the people and commercialism. Nature is the best medicine.

    1. Its the un tourist places that capture my heart the most, yes!

  8. Yes, Taos can be disappointing sometimes, but New Mexico never is :-).

  9. all i remember about our visit to Taos was LaLana Wools....in the days before hand dyed yarns were readily available. I was smitten. (There was also a very expensive lunch....before we headed back to Santa Fe!!!) The scenery, though, was worth the drive in and of itself. What a beautiful day.

    1. I searched for the shop you mention in the past but couldn't find it- I found many beautiful shops incl. yarn shops...I just wish I had some more money.

  10. Nydelige bilder! Den gamle lastebilen er aldeles fantastisk!

  11. Sorry for the disappointement! But it seems to me that you're on this big adventure, you've seen some beautiful things!

    1. Absolutely! It is an adventure and New Mexico is beautiful.

  12. I think all states have their "touristy" areas. Taos is very much that sort of town. In my opinion New Mexico is all about the food, architecture, people and artists.

  13. Ooo, love it! Looks fascinating.

  14. Love those pictures and I can understand your disapointment a bit about the plaza. I had a similar experience, when I visited the old city of Jerusalem the first time and found all those very touristic shops. It's not what I am looking for either. I hope you will have a great time on the rest of your journey and meet some great people and places.

    1. Hi Rahel, yep that's just it- I think once out of the tourist area New Mexico is magnificent :)

  15. That last picture almost looks surreal, what an amazing place.


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