Knitting & an interview with Sally Mac

This is a soft and rustic Columbia/Targhee  yarn
 that  will be offered in the shop soon.

What a coincidence.... the cardi I wanted to knit
 was suggesting the a similar worsted yarn :)
 a little travel knitting 
 simple but effective
 knitting the time away waiting in the airports
Mountain Girl Yarns
 Today you can find me 

Sally Mac has an uplifting and refreshing website:
"a lifestyle website without the pressure to buy more, eat less, be better or look different. 
It’s about being YOU, 
and celebrating every little tiny part of your existence"

and asked me so kindly if I would do a little interview

Wishing you a beautiful day
wherever your travels may lead you...



  1. Oooo - fun, I'm off to go check it out! Your knitting is perfectly dreamy, Camilla, love those plum colours and that creamy Targee-Columbia looks so squishy - I love it! xo p.s. hope renos are going as well as can be - I can't imagine living without a kitchen is an easy thing...

  2. What beautiful colour yarn for your socks. I am off to check out your interview.....

  3. I love that sock yarn, and your interview was awesome!!!!

  4. what a great interview!!! you nailed it!!! :)

  5. I have been trying to use up the yarn in my stash, but I don't think I can hold out, your yarns are just too pretty to resist!

    1. Had to pop back in to say how wonderful it was to read your interview. You are such a beautiful soul Camilla and I am thrilled to call you my friend.

  6. lovely sock yarn, deep vibrant and beautiful. Off to see the interview :)

  7. LOVE this interview, Camilla. It was joyful to read how you talk about your life inspirations and daily doings! You're a great person doing all this and manage to stay so real and honest, I really admire that.

  8. That's a very nice interview, Camilla.

  9. fantastic interview !!! i love your energy...and all that you are doing with it!!!

  10. What an inspiring and beautiful blog! Just added it to my Feedly. Looking forward to reading the interview with a cup of coffee later today. Cannot believe I never found your blog before, but so glad that I have.

  11. ooh, what a great interview!! It was so nice to learn a little more about your journey and your lifestyle!


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