Changes and a Mountain girl yarn update

Passion Fruit
 ST. Tropez

Sierra Madre
 Mountain Wild

 Butterfly Kisses
It's impossible said pride
 it's risky said experience
 it's pointless said reason
...give it a try whispered the heart
Mountain Girl Yarns will have a few changes this spring/summer season
 This will be the last update of new yarns for a while
once the yarns are sold
 being away for a bit open my mind and I have put much thought into it 
 decided to change location online for my shop-
working on moving from ETSY to my own spot.
 Adding plant dyed yarns
 after popular demand here and on instagram
 folks have been requesting
New yarns will also be introduced this season
 some that are local here to the Rocky Mountain range
beautiful rustic, soft and dreamy
 they have that special feel to it
when you stick your nose in it and smell it like wool should smell
 this will be offered in fingering weight and DK
 Natural crème colored and natural greys too
 I asked myself what would I like to purchase and see offered in a shop?
therefor branching out and offering something special and unique
in addition to my one of a kind hand dyed yarns

 the exact time  when this will come about is still unknown
 we are in the middle of a huge kitchen renno so things are a little upside down
shooting for May/June time frame
 I am currently selling Mountain Girl yarns at Shops at ST. 8
 and will be at the new farmers market here locally this summer
 so if you're ever in town stop by and say hi!
I want to thank you all so very much for supporting and cheering me on with Mountain Girl Yarns
your heartfelt comments ha means the world to me.
 I am having too much fun


  1. Your yarns are just amazing Camilla, you are truly an artist of the highest caliber.

  2. All sounds exciting Camilla!! and it's wonderful that you are having fun throughout the whole ride.

  3. oooh, exciting!! Your yarns and colours are gorgeous, I'm excited to see what you are going to do with your yarn next. I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

  4. oh goodness, SO much beauty! mountain wild is making my heart ache.

  5. It's wonderful what a pause from the usual routines can do. It sounds like you new ventures will continue to take you on an exciting journey.

  6. Butterfly Kisses is my favorite! I love all of the colors though...your yarns are always so gorgeous.
    Congratulations on moving from Etsy to your own spot and for selling locally.

  7. So much beauty in your post today Camilla...love the yarns. And congratulations on the changes, so happy things are evolving for you.

  8. Good luck with the move to your own site. I love your yarns and sense of colors.

  9. Sounds like an exciting change. Looking forward to seeing what unique things you'll bring. Really like that Kintla.

  10. really looking forward to your new offerings...especially the natural dyes!!! until then, I think I'll go shop at your etsy site!! :)

  11. This is exciting news, Camilla! If only Montana was closer to Ontario... I dream of having my own farmer's market stand some day so I look forward to hearing all about your experiences (hint, hint)! xo

  12. I wish I could stop by and say hi!!! Good luck with your plans it all sounds awesome

  13. You're always up to something new, Camilla, very creative. Good luck on your new endeavor, those yarns are gorgeous!


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