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Near the end of  Clap-Ktus
The pattern freaks me out a bit because I have to unravel rows- which makes me feel uncomfortable- but it works- it gives it that light wispy look. Started another shawl and am working on a sweater- can't seem to be knitting only 1 project at a time. Ever since the kids started school I have been feeling out of sorts a bit and feel that knitting soothes the sting.

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Dyes from the kitchen
...have a few things I want to give a try with natural dye
enjoying the muted tones that natural dyes produce- less intense than the chemical based ones. The book is pretty neat how it divides the dyeing in groups or rather the 4 seasons - so it's convenient to find resources/produce to dye with all year.

So what's on your needles?

Joining Ginny today.


  1. It's my goal for the next year to get more into dyeing. I'm always intrigued by using plants and other natural items. I'll be waiting to see what you dye!

  2. It's beautiful Camilla. I have a pattern, Pop Spots, that has you drop stitches down and then pick them up again, I've been too afraid to cast on.
    I would love to learn to dye fiber. I have lots and lots of goldern rod growing that could be put to good use instead of bothering my allergies.

  3. Stunning shawl and such a gorgeous colour. Deb x

  4. It's unnerving to drop those stitches isn't it? I really want to do some natural dying. I have been looking at websites all week. Now I just need to find the time.

  5. I love this. So light and airy, for sure. Great work.

    The Nae pattern is NOT difficult. Seed stitch for the wide border, stockinette for the "shawl" section, and garter for the center rows. Then you just reverse what you did for the first section. Let me know if you decide to give it a go!

  6. Your shawl is beautiful...like a fairy cobweb.

    It's hard when they go back to school. My daughters grown up but going away to study soon...I'll miss her badly. Knitting is a comfort though and sounds like you intend to have a go at dyeing...I must check that it's something I've mused about lots too.

  7. Your shawl looks gorgeous. Since my boys started school my farm chores have seemed to triple and knitting time decrease. I am not too sure I like this new arrangement. Now I'm working at night instead of knitting. I love natural dyes. I also love spinning my own yarn. If only there were a few more hours in the day. I'll have to check out that Dyes from the Kitchen

  8. Beautiful shawl!
    It's been a bit quiet around here too after the kids atarted school... But I'm sure I will enjoy my home alone time soon ;)

  9. Gorgeous!! I agree with feeling apprehensive about unraveling, but it's for a good cause :)

  10. oh I cant cant knit but that looks amazing!!!

  11. That shawl is stunning. On my needles, a shawl and on another set, fingerless mitts :)

  12. Lovely effect that. Purposely dropping stitches.
    Pretty shawl in a gorgeous colour.
    Enjoy the dyeing adventure.


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