La Cucina- part deux.

Ink Blue!

...is what Sarah said,
A color I became very aware of in Norway this summer.
Somehow I must have lived with this color in my head for some time-
because there was no question
what the new color in the kitchen would be.
Yet, an unexpected color for me.
It's so dark it becomes a neutral.
I love how it picks up the blues in the tile and makes the maple cabinets more of a feature.
Changed out my fuchsia lamp
 to a simple silver farm style lamp
works with the counter tops.
Painted the bench red- contrasting the blue.
 happy. happy. happy.
The paint chip is:
 5009-1 Black Evergreen
Valspar American Tradition


  1. Never would have guessed this. It is truly perfect. Such a great kitchen. Sundance.

  2. happy. happy. happy :) I love the color! Now can you come paint my house.

  3. Love it!!! It looks totally awesome!

  4. Looooove it! LOVE that you painted it dark. Makes your seating area and wood just pop! So cozy..and PERFECT!! I am now totally regretting the yellow table that I did not stuff in the car from the yard sale today..sigh.

  5. The perfect color! I really do love it Camilla and your new light fixture too. I think painting your bench red was just the right touch.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos, makes me want to get busy in my home!

  6. This I really like your kitchen the dining table in front of the window. The light of joy and verve.

  7. perfection! I think it makes all the wood details pop! I wish you could come over here and help me with color choices...


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