Yarn along

Half way on my Clapo-Ktus
liking the stripe pattern
 the hand dyed yarn is naturally creating.
Once finished with this skein I will start decreasing with the other skein-( 2 skeins in all)
and yeeeeees...I keep my self entertained while knitting with
ever so little ice cream- chunky monkey...
my kids have realized it's simply one of my food groups.
No book today- completely enamored with a few issues of 3191 quarterly
They keep me levitating with their beautiful imagery.
So what are you knitting today?
and bonus question...what's your favorite ice-cream?
Joining Ginny.


  1. I eat honey yogurt while I knit, oh so good, but I think ice cream would be even better.

    I am really liking your reading material this week. I have never held a hard copy, just visited the website and the photos are always breathtakenly soothing.

  2. Beautiful harvest colors!
    I love strawberry-cheesecake!

  3. my favorite ice cream is soy or coconut ice cream with mint or lots of chocolate and maybe some peanut butter :)

    Love your knitting! I also think the colors are beautiful.

  4. i'm familiar with the blog, but have never seen the publication.....do love their style!!

    ice cream???? i've been sort of on a Talent's spree lately....the dark chocolate raspberry was yummy!!!

  5. My favorite ice cream is Coconut Joy with a side of Mississippi Mud ice cream by Cedar Crest. Perfect combo!

  6. That ice cream looks so yummy! Ice cream and I don't get along unfortunately. I love your knitting. The colors are fantastic.

  7. Vanilla with hot fudge ..! Will be chipping away at the Windward on the plane home : (


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